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Painting is silent poetry, and poetry is painting that speaks. Simonides

Agnieszka Szyfter

Agnieszka Szyfter

Agnieszka Szyfter is an European contemporary artist who has exhibited widely and has been shown alongside Picasso, Dali, Miro, Matisse and Chagall at the William Bennett Gallery in Soho, Manhattan (2007-2008).
In 2008 her paintings were exhibited at the Art & Design Gallery - and were awarded the Chinese Minister of Culture distinction at the Beijing International Art Exposition. In the same year she was invited to join the Emotionalist School founded in the USA by the sculptor - professor Lubomir Tomaszewski.

In 2011 a number Szyfter’s graphics were acquired by the Art Museum /WAH Center/, where they form part of the permanent collection. The WAH Center has been recognized as an important asset for the Brooklyn and New York communities, whose mission is to coalesce the diverse artistic communities and create a bridge between national and international artists of all disciplines. The WAH Center was founded by Yuko Nii a Japanese artist, who was named by Governor George Pataki as one of New York States' Women of the Year.

In the same year the Chinese Ministry of Culture, Xingjiang government and the China International Exhibition Agency (CIEA) sponsored an international art exhibition ''One World, One Home'', which was held in Urumqi. Poland was represented by Szyfter' paintings.

In 2012 the Wickenheiser Paradise Lost Contemporary Art Fund acquired Szyfter’s graphic in order to add it to its world-renowned collection.

New York media about Szyfters’ artwork:

New Daily, May 2007. Ann Rudek: “Agnieszka in the City. She paints with great strength and confidence.(…) The spectator hits a beautiful, clear, expressive bold color. Her works thanks to the extraordinary atmosphere and optimism positively influence and become a nice view to the eye.”

Courier Life, July 2007. “The city of female muse. For her debut she has produced a series of works (…) dedicated to women and New York City. (…) Her works are very feminine. She transforms bodies and faces- trying to show the spirit and the mind of the person.”

Gallery & Studio, March 2011. Art critic Maurice Taplinger classified Szyfter as “a post – feminist” in a different medium but a similar manner to Madonna and Lady Gaga. ''... In that her art seeks to empower women through glamour as opposed to politics (...). Her subjects are flamboyant as seen in her Post-Pop Neo-Art-Nouveau paintings such as Girl With A Pearl Earring (...).''

Gallery & Studio, March 2012. Art critic Maureen Flynn wrote: “… “The Last Supper” by Szyfter outdoes even Andy Warhol’s late version of that great subject for Szyfter’s audacious inclusion of likenesses of Bill Clinton and Bill Gates at the table.”

Agnieszka uses her own iconic style to capture the essence of women baring their hopes, fears and aspirations. She often uses bold colors and geometric backgrounds to highlight and contrast with the natural curves of her models.

Her creative media are oil and acrylic paintings but she also works in interior and graphic design.

She has had several single artist art exhibitions in Europe, Asia and USA.

Szyfter has recently branched out into jewellery design and is working on a project to tie designs with specific paintings.

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