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Painting is silent poetry, and poetry is painting that speaks. Simonides

Andrzej Michael Karwacki

Andrzej Michael Karwacki

Eyvo Johnson

As an artist, I find difficult to answer: is it I who defines painting or is it painting that defines me... Either way, it is both a transpersonal and a narcissistic relationship.

The process of painting creates a state of Liminality, which leads to the discovery of my own essence. It is like writing a fable, one without words and one that is rather suggestive in nature. In that progression, I forget all that I know, for originality can only be achieved by reaching into my infinite possibilities. The abstract mechanics of art are same as making music, where the musician by use of an instrument transcends the process of playing; a painter transcends the limitation of medium, thus creating work that can produce an emotional response.

And when that happens, art completes life, bringing to focus what nature cannot bring to finish.

Born in Poland, in the historic town of Brzeg, Andrzej grew up during the years of political oppression and era of communist Poland. There he attended the School for the Arts and Literature. In 1984, Andrzej moved to New York and continued his education at the School for the Arts at Jersey City State University, where he received a BFA in painting. He then moved to Philadelphia and, in 1994, received a Master's Degree and Honorary Award from the University of Pennsylvania in the field of Urban Architecture.

Andrzej's artistic direction began to take shape after integrating Eastern spirituality into his artwork. Overtime, his paintings began to suggest, by the simplest possible means, the inherent nature of the aesthetic object. In his work, the job of the artist is to suggest the essence, the eternal qualities of his subject. His recent paintings have become Cosmocentric and see man and art as an integral part of nature.

Andrzej's artistic philosophy led him to resume his academic work at the California Institute of Integral Studies in San Francisco where, in 2011, he received a Masters in Integral Psychology and a certification in Expressive Art Therapy.

Living in the Bay Area since 1994, Andrzej has a broad creative practice. He is a freelance designer, teacher and expressive arts therapist. Many private collectors throughout the United States have acquired his work. His paintings are exhibited and represented in Los Angeles, the San Francisco Bay Area, Chicago, Dallas, New York, Boston, Paris, London and Hong Kong

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