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Painting is silent poetry, and poetry is painting that speaks. Simonides

Aron Meynell

Aron Meynell

"Aron Meynell's work portrays the quiet and uncertain world of abandoned figures in insecure eerie environments, alongside the discovery of beauty and comfort within them. Meynell uses sleep and hibernation as a place for his characters to process discomforts, and to discover treasures left behind from their decayed and neglected existence. The characters in Aron’s narratives are no longer concerned with their exposed skin or the feelings that isolation can bring; they are instead released from their impurities, finding freedom in the unknown. "


"As if whisking us to a place removed from time, Meynell’s drawings capture a moment of perfect stillness. Many of the compositions focus on the delicate body of a bird, placed centrally in smooth foregrounds that give no hint of actual location. Removed from natural habitats, with graceful wings at off kilter angles, these figures’ vulnerability and beauty are magnified.
Working in greyscale, Meynell arranges his subjects carefully, with an impressive eye for small details. Meynell’s work is infused with a calm that is bordered by unease; it is like looking at the silver reflection of a placid lake, knowing that the slightest motion will break the surface.
Meynell was born in Birmingham, England, but was raised in Detroit, Michigan. He received his bachelors in fine art at the College for Creative Studies in Detroit. Aron continued his education at the Academy of Art San Francisco where he received his masters in fine art. In Detroit, Aron found inspiration in the muted colors of the empty factories and high-rises once filled by the thriving automobile industry. As a child the artist loved to explore the corners of city’s surrounding forests, and found relics in left behind machinery and cars."

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