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Painting is silent poetry, and poetry is painting that speaks. Simonides

Eva Jospin


Détails d’une forêt (Details of a forest)

Eva Jospin was born in Paris in 1975. She lives and works in Paris.

Eva Jospin’s artistic research has been oriented until today to an art that includes different medium: drawing, painting, collage, sculpture.

In these last two years, the artist has been devoted to the matter of the landscape and its representation.

Dominique Païni affirms about her new works : “To look at a forest is an optical experience that challenges the typical laws of perspective in western representation. Facing visually the depth of a forest means to forget the horizon, it means to get lost. And is not the danger of getting lost the only risk tied up to that natural labyrinth that is a forest?...

Eva Jospin does not forget what lies under these brushwoods, under the foliage and the clearings: Give an endless tangle back, exceed, through the virtuosity of the eradication and the cut, the illusions of depth, experiment the limits of a frame and of a surface that tricks the eye.”

Éva wraps the world in cardboard. She cuts, carves and sculpts this most unlikely material, like others handle stone or marble. 35-year old Éva Jospin, daughter of the former French Prime Minister, began as an architecture student, but switched to Fine Arts, preferring the hands-on experience. She loves that cardboard is hard to cut with scissors and isn’t overly malleable: “Even the best jeweler would find it hard to make anything precise out of it”, she smiles. But this artist transforms it into tree trunks, roots and leaves. “Everyone relates to the forest, because its references lie not only in mythology, but also in Gothic architecture and animation”. Forests are places where you can lose yourself as if by magic.

Eva Jospin est sortie de l'Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Beaux Art de Paris en 2002. Depuis lors, elle a exposé à de nombreuses reprises à Paris (notamment à la Fondation EDF, à la Galerie Pièce Unique et au Musée de la Chasse et de la Nature), en France (l'Isle-Adam, Château de Ratilly, Yerres) et à l'étranger (Rome, Naples, Venise, Milan, Bologne, Dubaï). Elle a également participé aux Nuits blanches de Paris en octobre 2012.
Son travaille a été salué par la critique (Art press, Le Journal des Arts, Le Monde).

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