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Painting is silent poetry, and poetry is painting that speaks. Simonides

Iwona Zawadzka

Iwona Zawadzka

Born in 1981Lives and works in Warsaw, Poland

IWONA ZAWADZKA HAS BEEN INTERESTED SITUATUON OF THE SUBJECT projecting his own illusions when faced with danger, isolation, reduction and an instrumental approach.The painter has collected her own images in the privacy of her home which separated from the aggressive outside world seem innocent and authentic. The not precisely defined gestures are visible under a veil of an intimate dshabill and house chores. A private photo album, composed of a series of girlish postures, is the place to identify female body language. The artist has specifically codified this. She has taken out figures out of their context, combined them into new, separate idol group images, and finally transferred these onto the canvas. Girls dressed in gym leotards are approaching the enigmatic spectrum characters from the canvas The Sneaking In. The illusory, phantasm like target that breaks human intestines is to claim them shortly (The Sneaking In II). The works by the artist put a viewer in the position of separating the reality form the Real. The spectral absorption, just as desires satisfactions, turns out to be incomplete and bringing no fulfillment. It merely stimulates energy fields of desire which permeate and stigmatize the body. As a result, partial object appear, autonomic organs with no body, the desires with no definite purpose, demanding to be fulfilled. The phantasm like Reality, in its purest form, provides the moving rhythm for these works. This is quite visible in the Rainbows, where a color spectrum holds all female characters in vertical positions in the state of being suspender over the ground, in the mood of melancholic submissiveness. Their hands raised in a gesture of surrender are an attempt to exceed the canvas framework to reach the real world.The dualistic division between the genuine and the Real has been present to a certain degree in all her works. In Six and a Half, Frame II and IV , The Pink, the spectral oriented nature of desires originates in things, protective layers covering a female body: a dress, underwear and pajamas. The intimacy confined to a painting laboratory, left her alone has been spreading visually like a phantasm. It has been permeating an object of desire, dissolving in it, becoming total, oceanic and resistant to all exterior meanings. Thus, the overwhelming aesthetic disarms the subject and cuts it out from reality. A chance to create authentic meaning has been immobilized. The beauty and aesthetics become a protective buffer against outside dangers, nevertheless they are empty notions, lacking the actual features of human existence. The primeval, unsatisfied desires are compensated by fantasy, creating the real, energetic fields that unconsciously guide human behavior. This is why the subject remains unfulfilled though constantly striving to escape and confront the reality, indefatigably looking for its own negative. Without modification of the basic data, quitting the aesthetic system appears to be impossible because freedom, authenticity and a pure chance are illusion exist that are used to refresh the standards and formats of truth.text: Robert Jasiski

Iwona Zawadzka is a graduate of the Warsaw Academy of Fine Arts with a degree in painting. She was studying in Prof Wiesaw Szamborski's studio.
- A diploma awarded by the President of the Warsaw Academy of Fine Arts.
- Annexe to the diploma in Prof Edward Tarkowski's studio (a mural painting).
- A master's thesis entitled About painting under Doctor Anna Lewicka- Morawska.
- Pedagogical School in Warsaw Academy of Fine Arts.
Since 2006 she has been an active member of the Cultural Animation Association Meuma'lo - East Studio.
Individual exhibitions:
- Exhibition of painting, Smolna Center, Warsaw
- Exhibition of paintings en title The Six and a Half, The Promotional Gallery, Warsaw
- The exhibition en title Looking for myself at the office of Sanofi-Aventis, Warsaw
- Exhibition of painting at the office of Ewa Tomaszewska (Senator of the Republic of Poland), Warsaw
- Exhibition of painting at the Art Gallery of Katarzyna Napirkowska, Warsaw
- Postgraduate exhibition of paintings in the Warsaw Academy of Fine Arts

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