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Painting is silent poetry, and poetry is painting that speaks. Simonides

Jake Wood-Evans

Jake Wood-Evans

Artist living and working in Brighton, Oil painter.
Mixing the two worlds of classical and contemporary art, Jake’s oil paintings range from small, sensitive studies to large scale, epic canvasses. With his loose, instinctive use of paint he creates dark, ethereal works which capture imaginations, and provoke emotions, whilst at the same time being both unsettling and beautiful.
Jake came to Brighton as a classically trained artist fresh from a Fine Art degree at Falmouth University, where he was awarded a scholarship from the Royal Academy for classical study at the Prado museum, as well as winning the accolade of ‘Free Range’ Most Promising Graduate. After his stint in Madrid, Jake came back to Brighton inspired by the paintings of some of the finest Baroque artists in the world. Although still a new name, he has exhibited in London and Brighton to great acclaim.

He is currently based in Brighton, where he continues to paint full time.

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