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Painting is silent poetry, and poetry is painting that speaks. Simonides

Roberto Santo

Roberto Santo

Born: 1953 October 19th, New York, New York.
Education: 1975 University of Oregon, B.A.
1978 Art Center College of Design.

Select Awards

1981 American Photography; Gold Medal, “Figurative Study”
1985 Graphis Nude Photography; “Birth”
1986 Kodak International Exhibit; Gold Medal
1987 Addy Photography ; Gold Medal; “Portrait Series”
1992 Communication Arts; Gold Medal; “Still Life”
1993 Florida Film Festival; short film; “Film is Art”
1997 Addy 30 second commercial; Gold Medal, “YMCA of America”
1999 United States Postal Stamp Commission; Fine art photography; “Flower Series”
2000 Albin Polasek Sculptural Museum; “Artist in Residence”
2003 United States Olympic Committe; Sculpture; “Flight of Victory”
2004 American International Artist Assoc. “Forbidden Fruit”
2005 “La Salon” Figurative competition; “Forbidden Fruit”

Roberto Santo

For sculptor/ painter/ photographer Roberto Santo, art became a way of life when, at age16, he embarked upon an apprenticeship with Robert Peak, the celebrated illustrator... and his father (Santo was his mother's maiden name). Any illusions he may have had about not following in his sire's footsteps were dispelled as he embraced his innate talent. He went on to hone it in his native city, at New York's Art Students League and The New School of Art. Santo subsequently attended the University of Oregon, earning a prestigious Bachelor of Fine Arts degree. He then continued his studies at Los Angeles' Art Center College of Design. By the early 90s, Santo began to realize his current ''modern Renaissance man'' reputation, as his attention shifted to painting and then sculpture. In 1996, he moved his family to Italy, first to Florence and then to Chianti. Two years later, they moved to the Italian medieval village of Pietrasanta on Tuscany's northern coast, a town that has nurtured artists since the late 15th century when Michelangelo began utilizing the marble from its neighboring quarries. In the tradition of the great artists of the Renaissance, Santo is passionate about the human form. Like Michelangelo and Bernini, he has devoted himself to its exploration in bronze and marble, often working in monumental size. Embracing the time-honored tradition of figurative sculpture, Santo believes that his art celebrates the past while allowing it to transcend into the present. His approach is unique, as he often leaves evidence of the actual casting process in his finished work. He insists on hand- crafting every piece, while so many other artists of his caliber depend on a corps of assistants.

His time-transcending work has been internationally recognized and heralded. In the nearly 40 years since beginning his creative journey, Santo has been awarded more than 50 internationally recognized citations for his impressive work in film, photography, graphic design, painter and sculptor. He was even commission by the United States Postal Service to design a stamp series, which remains one of the top selling issues of all time. He has garnered commissions from major corporations including Microsoft, Nike, Toys ''R'' Us, and Paramount Pictures, and has become the core of many private collections. Most recently, the Boca Raton Museum's Acquisition Committee voted to purchase Santo's monumental work ''Eternal Transition'' for its permanent collection.

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