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Painting is silent poetry, and poetry is painting that speaks. Simonides

Walter Trecchi

Walter Trecchi

Como, February 4th, 1964
He lives and works in Torno (CO), Italy

Claudio Composti - New Horizons

The twenty-first century has already begun. We are at a turning point. The Internet has created a sharp split with the previous generations. The research has opened up possibilities never before thought of using new materials. The aesthetic has found new forms and definitions. The relationship with the Nature has forced a heavy awareness,understanding that the city can no longer be considered only "the place where we live, but it's something alive and changing, which reflects the collective consciousness, a reflection of culture and lifestyles of those living the city, poised between a past, to be protected and recover, and an innovation that improves the quality of life in our homes, thanks to the emergence of sciences such as home-automation. We attend a completely new approach in thinking about the relationship between cities and green (think of the hanging gardens, and the so-called, "vertical-green"). Recent the news that in China it's going to be built the largest megacities in the world: 42 million inhabitants! But how is changed, today, architecture and vision of the city? New shapes are looming on the horizon. The city will be built increasingly on the needs of the individual, careful to turn into a new culture based on ecological and ergonomic style of the wellness. The 12th Biennale of Architecture in Venice has been focused on the idea of reconsidering the potential of architecture in contemporary society. The architect Kazuyo Sejima, director of the Architecture Biennale argues that: "... it is the responsibility of our profession (as architects) to use the"space "as a means by which to formulate our thinking. Fundamental becomes the relationship with the persons, who will be living architecture. This is because the "space" is not exclusively designed by architects. Who lives the building has a fundamental role, since it has the function to determine the practicality of the building and the possibility to participate in the creative process, with the needs that it expects to see fulfilled: today the man does not live longer only the house, built and that's that,but now is the house that is built thinking of the man who will dwell it. You come back, necessarily, to a "humanism of living", "understood as culture of human dignity and of his wellness and the Architecture is a wonderful medium,to express it.

From the catalogue of the exhibition Nuovi orizzonti Walter Trecchi 2001-2011, San Pietro in Atrio, Como, 2011

In Walter Trecchi’s works, the city becomes a metaphysical space, motionless but full of experienced traces, suspended in a time without time.

Historical buildings and urban outskirts, industrial archaeologies become crocks of which remain only walls in ruin. Perspective shots in which man is absent but cranes and scaffoldings leant on facades testify the positive will of making.

Isabella Del Guerra

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