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Painting is silent poetry, and poetry is painting that speaks. Simonides

Willem van Veldhuizen

Willem van Veldhuizen

The Artist Willem van Veldhuizen (Rotterdam 1954) worked over the past 30 years on an extensive body of work. The main theme in his paintings are 'Museum interiors'.
Van Veldhuizens paintings are generally painted in a fixed composition. A view from inside a space to the outside. The upper part of the canvas shows a wall or glass window through which a garden or an urban landscape is visible. The foreground shows a large floor area. The reality of the buildings, nature or the outside world is reflected in the floors. The upper part of the canvas is painted with a high degree of precision while the lower part of the canvas is generally painted in a more loose manner.
Besides painting, Van Veldhuizen is proficient in drawing from life, model drawing. His works are in various private and museum collections. There are also several monographs published

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