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Painting is silent poetry, and poetry is painting that speaks. Simonides

Zhang LiuFeng

Zhang LiuFeng

painter and printmaker

Mr. Zhang Liufeng's art works are characterized by a very distinctive style. These lithographs have an atmosphere of its own. The people that are shown in such series like "Fortress Besieged" look so real but somehow lost and left alone. For us at artelino these images are still not yet interpreted. But they have a mesmerizing charm that is hard to describe.

Artist Career

Mr. Zhang Liu Feng was born in 1979 in Luyi city of Henan province in China. His talent for the fine arts was discovered at an early age. He received the opportunity to attend a high school that was attached to CNAFA (Chinese National Academy of Fine Arts).

After his graduation he continued his art studies at the printmaking department of Tianjing Fine Arts Academy. This Academy has a good reputation for its competence in printmaking. Zhang Liufeng studied lithography with famous printmaker Mr. Chen Jiuru.

Seven years later he received his master degree at Tianjing Fine Arts Academy. Currently Mr. Zhang Liufeng works as an art teacher at the Fine Arts Institute of Hangzhou University.

He is a member of Chinese Artists Association.

"As an artist, I think he must love life and know life. In this way, an artist can find interesting things from common life. And with his visionary feelings and emotional experiences, he can make a good composition of a painting."
"Only when he loves life, he can easily be touched by his surroundings. He will have a strong desire to express what he loves. And his paintings will touch the audience. One of my favorite printmakers, Rockwell Kent said: "The highest intention of art is to make people better understand life and love."


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