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Painting is silent poetry, and poetry is painting that speaks. Simonides

Alex Stevenson Diaz new works

Alex Stevenson Diaz

Painter from Bogota - Colombia

Education - universidad del litoral




Litoral Universidad de Barranquilla 1990


Arroyo Academy

SCULPTURE Ana Lucia Orozco Workshop

DRAWING AND PAINTING Maestro Marcos Franco Puentes

 Alex Stevenson Diaz 

 Alex Stevenson  is an artist with appreciation of the human, which communicates through expressive poses the inner struggle of man with himself, his yearnings for freedom, their prisons and bonds.

Anatomies which express the hardness in a baroque miguelangelesco. The tension of his hands and fingers or the rigidity of the neck muscles in head turns back, giving way to an energy that comes from the inside more visceral. As if dreams were dealt, play with symbols; Icaros of someone who wants to take up an area without restrictions or strings, touches of women who retain their femininity, but also, paradoxically, the dams, tasty fruits that contain within itself a promise and only deceive those who test. The frustration is always present, is the sign of the human condition, to go ahead by force of the interior life, but it risks seeing hopes dashed. Always alone, sometimes suffering, men and women think about each other, as if to complete a forced separation, and suffer none of the same areas, in the comfort of a well in the same space-time dimensions

The rapid evolution of the artist, as if those figures were represented, has strengthened his muscles painting. The difficulty of representing the human body along with that of being an artist of his own time, linking the work to more modern and eclectic aesthetic that departs from the conventions of traditional easel painting, combining a mixture of styles and references: graphics line of clean, handled brushes like graffiti, architectural details and fabrics, or compartments of the fund as a work of geometric abstraction is involved. The bright colors remind me of the wall treatments primitive cultures, the fresh Bonanpak in Mexico, those of Ajanta in India.

The colors and lines surrounding the figures reinforce the subjugation of the wall, and the strong presence of pulp painting, along with the work of spatula, bring the space back to the plane and texture. Illuminations marked out the size of the wall as genuine bas chiaroscuro, specifying every muscle and every vein full of vitality. In his larger canvases provides a development and organization of space according to the directionality of the elements, crystallizing and maintaining all elements of the set, while directing the light elements in the narrative of the work. Spanish artist Javier arizabalo


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