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Painting is silent poetry, and poetry is painting that speaks. Simonides

Brandon Flye

Brandon Flye

A relative newcomer to the world of fine arts, Brandon R. Flye has grown as an artist in a very short period of time. Before laying his first stroke of oil on canvas in late 2009, his unique career path had by degrees steered him closer to his true passion.

Brandon graduated from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (Tar Heels) with a B.S. in Biology and a minor in Chemistry. After an internship at the IUPUI Department of Medical Illustration in Indianapolis Indiana, he gravitated to a more diverse outlet as a graphic designer. Over the next fifteen years he became a graphic and exhibit designer at the Indianapolis Zoo and later the Indianapolis Children’s Museum (the largest children’s museum in the world). To create an exhibit with a “Disney”-like feel, Brandon saw the importance of seamlessly integrating the smallest details. Exhibit design starts with a solid concept and concise storyboarding, adding layers of graphics, exhibit finishes, lighting, and interactive elements that all engage the guest’s senses. He now finds a similarity in his approach to painting. Creating a good painting, for him, is an effort to create a believable world on a flat panel. This is not an easy thing, but if successful, the artist’s labor, his intentional and methodical construction is all but erased. What remains is the world seen through the artist’s eyes.

Brandon has received training in the classical techniques of the Old Masters at Zoll Studio, School of Fine Arts. He has learned each aspect of this tradition, including making his own medium, grinding his paints and preparing his art panels. Brandon’s paintings often convey a mood of drama or peacefulness. They frequently explore interactions of light and form, and what happens to light when it bends through liquid or glass, how it reflects, sparkles or refracts into its spectrum. The high level of detail typical of his work often garners comments from other students or buyers. A photographic depiction of the objects in his still life is different, he claims, than capturing their essence. He always strives for the latter.

At the 2011 National Oil and Acrylic Painter’s Society’s annual competition, Brandon was fortunate to win “Best Still Life” and “People’s Choice” awards. In addition he has been extremely successful in selling his paintings at the semi-annual Zoll Studio Student Show, often selling everything. He has recently been selected to teach adult painting classes at Zoll Studio.

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