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Painting is silent poetry, and poetry is painting that speaks. Simonides

Helena Wagenaar

Helena Wagenaar

Helena Wagenaar

helena grew up on a farm outside Paarl, in the western cape. she was always a outdoors' girl with lots of imagination. from a very eary age, started drawing, mostly copying her elder sister, Marashene's work. drawing then came to her naturally, especially when she did it as a school subject with the late David Botha, who was her teacher. she then persued a career in Intensive Care nursing,which she really enjoyed, and never touched a pencil or brush for the next 25years or so. it was only when she married her eastern cape cattle farmer, Leon, that she resumed her art, which then came with more difficulty, (being out of touch and training) she then painted all her stories from nursing and also memories, since being in such a remote part of the world, these distant memories and stories started to sustain her. each painting tells a story. the title should stimulate the viewee's own imagination and creativity. helena loves the simplicity of a picture, colour and technique. she considers her style to be expressionist. she has exhibited 8 times at Art in the Park, Pietermaritzburg already, twice at KKNK-Oudtshoorn, once at Volksblad Fees- Bloem, 3 times at the Aardklop fees- Potch and has exhibited with 3 other artists at Jane se Kunshuis, Paarl in 2003 and once with Este Mostert at the Crouse Gallery, Morningside, KZN. she has also exhibited with Alice galleryas a new signature artist.
helena now, still loves the country side and remains creative. she is influenced greatly by all south african artists,mainly women especially Eleonor Esmonde White, Kaffie Pretorius, Este Mostert, Maggie Loubsher, Irma Stern,the odd man, Johannes Meintjies and and and. she cannot get enough of art. loves the works too of hannetjie de klerk,jan vemeirn and sandi Beukes

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