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Painting is silent poetry, and poetry is painting that speaks. Simonides

Hella Maas

Hella Maas

"Welcome to the website of Hella Maas, painter of still lifes and portraits in oil. You will find an overview of my still life paintings and portraits. Contemporary and realistic artwork.

I work every day from my studio in Kwadijk, 15 kilometers north of Amsterdam. My paintings are realistic. My still lifes are painted to a still life I place on a table in front of me. While I work the light changes constantly and I change things in the painting to make it look stronger, like the light for example of making colors work together. I like to paint with very little color, I call it my typical non color style.

After four years of art school, at the Wackers Academy in Amsterdam, I decided I wanted to develop working on stilllife further. I continued looking for teachers who have specialized in this kind of work. I've been in the studio of Martin Boffé painted in Antwerp where I learned a lot."

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