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Painting is silent poetry, and poetry is painting that speaks. Simonides

Jel Ena

Jel Ena

Jel Ena is a Serbian born multi-media artist living in her adopted home of Los Angeles. She comes from a family of artists in every field who supported her pursuit of the fine arts.
Jel Ena attended the Academy of Fine Art in Belgrade where she received her MFA in painting.
She has been showing in galleries around the world where her work is widely collected, as well as freelancing in the movie and video game industry as a designer.
Jel Ena's work displays a mastery of the figure and color. Her style is instantly recognizable and extraordinarily matchless in its visualization. Utilizing her mastery of acrylic/oil paints, pastels, graphite and colored pencils; intricate emotions and hyper surreal visions are born and enchant every viewer into her dark sensual dreamscape.

Jel Ena

"Jel Ena is a classically trained artist intimate with the architecture of anatomy. The reflected light in shadows and the volume of surfaces. Complex emotions captured in the mirrors of eyes. A sensual mythology of desire and color. Livid flesh rendered with brush and pencil."
Scott Reeves, writer, poet

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Jel Ena

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