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Painting is silent poetry, and poetry is painting that speaks. Simonides

Karin Preller

Karin Preller

Karin Preller is a Johannesburg based artist. After a relatively brief career in law, she completed a BA(FA) degree at Unisa and an MA(FA) at the University of the Witwatersrand. She worked as a full time lecturer in Art History at Unisa in the Department of Art History and Visual Arts, and as lecturer in Critical Studies and practical teaching at the Greenside Design Center College of Design. At present she is a full time artist and works from her home in Melville.

Her work can broadly be described as a specific kind of photo-based painting in oil on canvas. She uses photographs as source material mainly because of the particular visual ambiguities and ambivalences that occur both in the process of photography and in its translation into paint. The relation between painting and photography is reconsidered, not in an attempt to set them against each other, but to explore the discrepancies that arise in the interplay of different surface qualities.

Still life, similarly with photographs as source material, is an ongoing interest and has been the focus of a number of exhibitions.

Karin Preller

Born: 10 October 1962, Johannesburg


1984: B Proc (RAU)
1986: LL B (RAU)
1995: BA(FA) (cum laude) (UNISA)
2001: MA(FA) (cum laude) (WITS)

1995: New Signatures: Selector’s merit award.
1995: Winner of UNISA Faculty Medal for best performance in BA(FA).
2002: Selected artist for Johannesburg Art City project.
2003: Ekurhuleni Fine Arts Award: Top 15

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