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Painting is silent poetry, and poetry is painting that speaks. Simonides

Marittie de Villiers

Marittie de Villiers

"I grew up and matriculated in Potchefstroom and earned my degree B.A. (Communication) from Potchefstroom University. Travelled between 1994-2003. By land- Egypt, USA, southwest,and Midwestern states-special interest Art and NAtive American Resevations. By sea on a yacht- South America, Caribbean Chain up to Bahamas and again USA on the East side. Live south of Washington for a year or so and sailed south again- to the Caribbean.
These days I live in Pretoria.
Faces fascinate me endlessly. Creating emotions and atmosphere through the use of colour in the human face and figure are the most important elements in my paintings. I make flat-surface "MOVIES" when I paint. I become the figure, the emotions and landscape of thoughts.

My memory serves me well in remembering people and the atmosphere while experiencing situations. I easily recall the smell of the turqoise Caribbean Sea, the atmosphere of a busy street in Caïro, the easy-going but mysterious sounds of a foreign language. The excitement of hearing a mix of Dutch-Portguese-English, Cerveja on my lips, the feverish humidity of walking in Fortaleza, Brazil. The human being in all it's aspects interests me. I am attracted to the exotic, the gypsey, and passionate side of life. Light and dark is often used to create tension and a strong feeling. I enjoy painting the old and young, pretty and less pretty..."

Marittie de Villiers

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