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Painting is silent poetry, and poetry is painting that speaks. Simonides

Mark Hiles

Mark Hiles

Born 1964

Mark began drawing and painting at the early age of 5. His passion for art
was evident through the hours spent drawing and painting. He began to
seek out the work of other artists with admiring respect and growing
enthusiasm. By high school graduation, he was receiving offers of
commissions for artwork and garnering awards at local art shows.
In 1984, Mark attended the renowned Schuler School of Fine Art in
Baltimore where classical training in painting, sculpture and drawing began
to hone his natural talent. The young artist was fortunate to have studied
under Ann Schuler, Hans Schuler, Frederick Schuler Briggs, Will Wilson,
Dean Larson And Jerome Atherholt in his five years at the Schuler School.
Upon graduation form the school, Mark taught watercolor and oil painting at
local art schools and continues painting demonstrations and workshop at
various art leagues, in addition to private instruction.
In a style uniquely his own, Hiles paints figures, landscapes, still life and
portraits with a confident flair and a delicate touch. His bold brushwork
combines the relationships of beauty, color, form and light. Inspired by both
Classical Realism and Impressionism, the artist’s influences include Anders
Zorn, John Singer Sargent, Henri Fantin-Latour, Edgar Payne, Ann Schuler
and Will Wilson.
" I am always searching for subject matter that gives a view into the beauty
of nature, this beauty can be displayed in landscapes, but also in the
figurative expressions of the human form and natural beauty of fruits,
vegetables and flowers. As I travel and explore, certain factors spark my
creative process. Color, composition and the effects of light are a few of
these factors, as well as the subject matter. I also strive to give a little
different perspective in the places and things I see. I hope that someone
that views my painting will find an unique and original insight into the
landscapes, figures and still life I paint. My challenge is to invite the viewer
into my creative process and hopefully get a taste of the excitement and
enjoyment I get in creating the artwork."
" I also recognize the importance of artists as recording history in time. The
artwork we create show what a person or place was like in this particular
time. As things in life and nature constantly change, the artist is there to
record that moment in time as it may never be the same ever again."
Equally adept at pastel, watercolors and oils, Mr. Hiles was also trained in
sculpture and anatomy. A love of draftsmanship is evident in his work and
sparks the creations in his oil, pastel, drawings and watercolors.
Mark’s paintings are reaching an increasing audience and increasing
interest in collectors. His paintings are enjoyed in many private and
corporate collections. His landscapes and still life are very popular, and
although rarer, his portraits and figurative paintings are being increasingly
coveted. His participation in shows, competitions, art leagues, galleries and
art education continue to bring wider popularity and recognition

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