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Painting is silent poetry, and poetry is painting that speaks. Simonides

Michael Pettit


Michael Pettit

MICHAEL PETTIT is a professional artist living in Cape Town, South Africa. He has exhibited widely over many years, and has received extensive recognition . Numerous public, university, corporate, and also private collections worldwide, feature his distinctive pictures . His academic background provides an intellectual backbone to paintings that are visually intelligent and rich in cultural references . A wide technical and stylistic range supports Pettit's ambitiously broad range of content and imagery . Viewing the span of his work it can be seen that there is a continual balancing of opposites : dark / light , male / female , order / chaos . The diversity of his work is part of its total meaning . In his stride and immersed in his subject, Pettit is continually exploring new terrain . As time goes on core themes are deepened, while recurring images motifs signs and symbols are transformed and renewed with each new painting . These recurring elements reverberate between pictures and integrate a complex body of work . Pettit's work is enriched by paradox . It evades neat categorization . He aims to integrate sensation feeling and concept in rounded works of art.

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