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Painting is silent poetry, and poetry is painting that speaks. Simonides

Pavel Antipov

Pavel Antipov

Pavel Antipov was born near Moscow (Hot’kovo) in 1979. He entered the Russian Academy of Arts in Saint-Petersburg at the faculty of painting in 2000.

It is painting which is the most comfortable way for him to speak with viewers and himself. By his artworks he tries to ask rather than telling about significant things for all the people such as transience and longevity of one’s life, love, feelings … etc. In other words, his masterpieces are not only a beautiful combination of colours and lines, but they are meaningful stories as well, which in its turn makes them more valuable.

From Pavel’s point of view, the most important purpose of his art is a representation of interconnection of simple and complex things, which surround us in our everyday life. Pavel seeks to give the maximal easy implementation of intricate philosophical themes.
His artistic style was formed due to studying the decorative source of art in Abramcevskiy college, and the academic style of painting as well as the coloring and iconography were acquired in the Academy of Arts. The compilation of the different artistic schools and Pavel’s comprehension of art have formed the recognizable author’s style.

“Pavel Antipov has already passed a long way in the search of his own artistic manner. He experimented with the line and color to work in different styles of the past. It is very difficult to include Pavel’s art in some tendency. He consciously opposes to contemporary art’s area, but in the same time he doesn’t work in the limits of academic tradition of painting. He uses the methods of symbolism, impressionism, surrealism and suprematism.”
Anastasia Karlova
Art critic, Senior Researcher of Ludwig’s museum
in The Russian State Museum

Except many purchases of his art-works by Russian collectors and galleries, some of his creations were bought by the National Gallery of Art in Washington and by the Gallery of Art in Beijing in 2006 and 2007.

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