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Painting is silent poetry, and poetry is painting that speaks. Simonides

Rafael Ruben

Rafael Ruben

About the artist

This hard working artist has a completely own specific timing and creative process. Rafael finished his studies in Tbilisi(Georgia) and lives and works for already a considerable time in The Netherlands.
He works mainly with a palette knife, with which he, in oil paint of course, builds complex compositions with very rich colour circuits divided over the complete canvas.
Each new art work of Rafael seems a continuation of his previous work. Together they form an impressive, coloured carpet of mythical components, placed in tight alignment, in which the inspiration from oriental topics and cultures is clearly recognizable.
The origin of this unique coloured carpet can not be retrieved anywhere but in the creative mind of the maker himself. The combination of this very separate style and particular technique is unique as well; some contemporary Scandinavian artists seem to have been inspired by it.
The art works of Rafael Ruben have been fully developed and balanced. The entire canvas has been skilfully fabricated and is in harmony with the surroundings. The developed universal colour spectrum accentuates the beautifully formed characters in a very natural manner. Well considered he combines these and nothing is left to chance, so that colour and form go together in supreme harmony. Because of this very characteristic protagonists are created, which seem to have arisen from a new, dynamic reality. It is not surprising that many admirers feel so attracted to his work.
This book includes the work from Ruben’s animal series. The animals are symbolic to all kinds of freedom and have originated from his creative world. In this manner he creates his own “liberating” choice of maximum expression.

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