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Painting is silent poetry, and poetry is painting that speaks. Simonides

Yuko Rabbit

Yuko Rabbit

Hi! I am Yuko Rabbit, a Painter, Comic Artist, Illustrator, Digital stuff lover, Rock music Enthusiast, Low-budget traveler and Dr. Pepper addict. I currently live in Saitama, located north of Tokyo, Japan.

Though almost all of my Paintings are done on computers, I was a thoroughly traditional media artist before I bought a Wacom tablet. I used various medium; water colors, colored pencil, pen & ink.

The time that I decided to switch my principal medium is, I began to think I wanted to draw breathtaking digital artwork as the skilled artists on deviantART. Since then, I got into digital painting and have taught myself how to paint since 2007.

I've got inspired not only from painting, but music, typography, traveling, design, books, movies, conversations, stage art, underground culture, performances and my emotions. I always look for hints to make my work better. Other artists sometimes ask me who affected you most, but it's too difficult to list them because I was affected by hundreds of artists and I can hardly judge who is the MOST influential.

I would like to exhibit abroad In the near future. I'm looking for people who I can work with.
Commision are available. Do not hesitate to contact me If you are interested.

Before I started as Yuko Rabbit, I had done a few client works and personal commissions. My illustration is drawn the same way as my painting. I think there are not significant differences between them. If I had to describe it, Illustration is more catchy than painting, and I have to think about how it will be used.

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