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Painting is silent poetry, and poetry is painting that speaks. Simonides

Astrid Trügg

Astrid Trügg

Born in Utrecht, The Netherlands in 1972, Astrid Trügg has had in interest in painting and drawing as long as she can remember. In 1991 she studied at Utrecht School of Art and received a BA degree in Painting. This followed by a successful career in the Netherlands, where much of her work was commissioned by numerous clients. She complemented these painting jobs by accepting freelance interior design jobs joined the editorial staff of popular interior design magazine.

Inspired by Edinburgh and the Scottish Highlands Astrid moved to Scotland in 2003 where she continued her art studies and successfully completed a post-graduate painting course at Leith School of Art. She currently works from her studio in Leith, Edinburgh.

Astrid Trügg has a deep interest in architecture, shapes and contours of the city and it's past. She is inspired by the textures of weathered walls, piers and facades of historic buildings, and the changes of colour and character created by this natural influence. By working in media like collage, pigments and gesso, she is able to work back into layers of paint which create fascinating textures that reflect these interests.

1972 Born, The Netherlands
1990 - 1991 History of Art & French, Université de Droit, Aix en Provence, France
1991 - 1997 BA Painting, Utrecht School of Art
1995 - 1996 Painting and Jewellery Design, East Carolina University, USA
2003 - 2004 1 Year Full Time Painting Course, Leith School of Art
2005 - Now Working from studio at Coburg House Art Studios, Leith, Edinburgh
2010 Moved to Amersfoort The Netherlands and works between her studio in Leith and continues to work at Coburg House Art Studios, Leith, Edinburgh

2005 Eliza Clifford Award
2005 Leith Gallery Award

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