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Painting is silent poetry, and poetry is painting that speaks. Simonides

Bruce Habowski

Bruce Habowski


Inspiration for my oil paintings comes from many sources such as music, media, books, etc. Ideas for paintings seem to be limitless. The goal for me is to construct paintings that reflect the subject and my interpretation of the subject. While some paintings are a straightforward response (i.e. painting what I see) others can be more complicated. The challenge then becomes a process of deconstruction and rebuilding.

The first thing I focus on are ways to pare down the subject to extract the essential elements that will transfrorm my unique and personal environment into a more universal experience. Next comes selecting a compositon with a strong design of these elements.This new restructured reality becomes a synthesis of message, mood, and method.

No matter what I attempt, however, the viewer will interpret the work through their own filter of experiences, desires, and expectations; thus becoming something different. It has been said "we don't see things as they are . . . we see things as we are."

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