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Painting is silent poetry, and poetry is painting that speaks. Simonides

Chungli Huang

Chungli Huang

The conceptual basis of my work was built on the sense of “drawing”. By combining the charcoal and oil paint, I share the struggles of my process and my people with the viewer. The word “paint” always reminds me of another word “pain”, because all my working process are just like the endless battles: the painful, agonized combat with myself.

My love of using ample lines and empty spaces in my painting erases the gap between positive and negative spaces. I break the perspective rule by depicting them in a decorative way. This tactic positions my painting at somewhere in-between: through the sense of this ambiguity--the gender between male and female, the space between positive and negative, the painting between realistic and abstract-- I want to lead the viewer into the feeling of being a person with a feeling of “uncertain identity.”

The subject of my work focuses on the dejected Taiwanese people and the scenarios they find themselves in. I am dissecting the political turmoil of Taiwan and examining how that turmoil determines the identity of native Taiwanese youth. Based on my own and others’ personal experiences and observations, I create the images of ambiguous identities who, like myself, experience a disconnection between who they want to be and who they really are. I want to portray real-life as a series of struggles between successes, and failures of locating one’s identity and place in a complex world.

■ Education:

Minneapolis College of Art and Design —MFA Painting.
Minneapolis, MN, USA, 2010- 2012.

Taipei National University of Arts —BFA Art History.
Taipei, Taiwan, 2001- 2006.

■ Awards/Acheivements:

Get Started - Artist Exhibition
Burnet Gallery, Minneapolis, MN, USA 2011.

“Compound” Opening Show
Whittier Studios Gallery, Minneapolis, MN, USA 2011.

2011-12 MFA Merit Awards

Languages: Taiwanese, English and Mandarin Chinese.

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