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Painting is silent poetry, and poetry is painting that speaks. Simonides

Ingrid Nilsson

Ingrid Nilsson

Born 1968 in London. Moved to Scotland in 1995 and worked in hospitality for 14 years while building up my experience and confidence in painting.
Opened gallery - cafe 'Bon Papillon in Edinburgh's New Town in May 2011 with my partner Stuart Allan.

I have always been drawn to create, to make and to weave stories around it all.
Following a childhood spent obsessing over illuminated projects and craft activities I trained in fine art and photography while working as a freelance illustrator in London.
Since moving to Scotland fifteen years ago my painting has been a learning curve and a journey; an evolving narrative referencing dreams, travels and discoveries with characters created along the way. I work in acrylic on board with mixed media and printed pattern elements; the colours and designs I use evolving in sketch books which are an invaluable part of the process. My starting point is usually figurative, around which the rest of the image develops quite spontaneously; there is often an autobiographical content dependant on recent experiences and heroes.
My Scandinavian lineage draws me to the art of the north and the wilder areas of Scotland; conversely I am also in love with the Far East and the exuberant, florid aesthetic found in abundance there.
Having spent a number of years working in the catering industry in Edinburgh while trying to squeeze my creative work into pockets of spare time, I have recently escaped to focus on my painting.


Foundation at Norwich School of Art,
Photo Arts at Central London Polytechnic
Journalism at Darlington College of Technology

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