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Painting is silent poetry, and poetry is painting that speaks. Simonides

John Waters

John Waters

John Waters established his career as a professional artist after working as an architect, and his passion for beautiful design, perspective and construction remains evident in this new body of work.
Within this foundation Waters combines and layers a number of visual and conceptual elements such as still life, landscape, and the notion of worlds within worlds.
Carefully planned and executed, these paintings reflect the artist’s interest in perfection, but also explore his fascination for the dream-like nature of reality. Waters has framed and juxtaposed mementoes such as teacups, ladders, tables, chairs and drapery with landscapes and interiors that provide alternate points of view. These paintings evoke a sense of both weightlessness and physicality – as if one could enter into the very picture plane itself before dissolving like a fleeting reverie before your eyes.
This subversion of fictional reality that unifies and separates at the same time, is what Waters refers to as his ‘magic realism’. ‘Four Walls’ describes the artist’s interest in the concept of the ‘fourth wall’ in artistic works “understanding the conventions of the artistic field and consciously choosing to address, blur or break them”. He explains further; “I attempt to create a visual equivalent of the feelings of wonder, curiosity and poetic intensity experienced in honored moments of awareness”.
John Waters 2013


Advanced Diploma of Visual Art, Adelaide Central School of Art

Diploma of Visual Art, Adelaide Central School of Art

Certificate of Visual Art, Adelaide Central School of Art

Architects Accreditation, The Architects Accreditation Council of Aust Inc

Bachelor of Architecture, University of Adelaide

Eutick Memorial Still Life Award - Finalist
Calleen Art Award - Finalist

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