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Painting is silent poetry, and poetry is painting that speaks. Simonides

Kath Girdler Engler

Kath Girdler Engler

"Kath Girdler Engler's sculptures are appealing both in physical form and through her interpretation of mythical stories. They are the fragments of ancient forms combined with Engler's own understanding of the human body. Her confidence with the overall form allows her to be playful with the details as she imbeds materials that fit the negative shapes in her sculptures. Paper pulp is an unusual medium and it's durable nature is the perfect material to distress in imitation of age. But Engler is always able to emphasize the large contour lines that elegantly wrap around suprise materials in crevices and joints of her sculptures." Susan Shockley, Curator, Parthenon Museum

Kathleen Girdler Engler, Sculptor
Born 1951, Indianapolis, Indiana
Resides in Augusta, Georgia

1981 B.F.A., Augusta State University, Augusta, Georgia
1980 B.S.N., Medical College of Georgia, Augusta, Georgia
1980 Studies Abroad Program, University of Georgia, Italy
1973 A.A.N, Indiana University/Perdue University, Indianapolis, Indiana
1970 John Herron School of Art, Indiana University

2001-12 Creator and Director of Run with Art program for children, Augusta, GA.
2008-12 Art Director, VIP Camp for Foster Children, Augusta, GA.
2002-12 Artist in Residence, Children's Medical Center, MCG, Augusta, GA.
1998 Dimensional Papermaking Workshop, International Sculpture Conference,
Chicago, Illinois
1986 Casting and Mold making, Georgia Iron Works, Thomson, Georgia
1982 Casting with Julius Schmidt, Augusta, Georgia
1982 Studio Assistant to Manuel Neri, Carrara, Italy
1981 Stone Carving Apprentice, Sarzanini Studio, Carrara, Italy
Casting Apprentice, Fonderia Artistica Mariani, Pietrasanta, Italy
Artist in Residence, University of Georgia Studies Abroad Program Cortona, Italy

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