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Painting is silent poetry, and poetry is painting that speaks. Simonides

Noma Bliss

Noma Bliss

Noma was born and raised in upstate NY. She considers herself a self-taught artist, being largely influenced as a young child by her ingenious father and in part, her gifted mother. She realized from the first time she held a crayon and began to draw, that pictures were a compelling force that dictated feelings, inspiring the viewers to have a sense of who she was. Art allowed her to express thoughts without words, which in fact stimulated her quiet whispers, not only of herself but others.

Noma has been a professional artist/illustrator for over thirty years. Clients include: The London Times, The San Francisco Times, John Hopkins, McGraw Hill, Essence, Upsher Smith, Business Law Today, Supply Chain Magazine, LA Times, Harvard Business Journal, Information Weekly and countless other businesses and private individuals.

NOMA BLISS/artist statement

​Noma's response to art constitutes a body of work which redirects viewers from being overly linked with technology, to having a revitalizing connection with nature. Through her use of color, design and subject matter, one becomes at peace with what is truly important in life, that is, our earth and all that it contains. Noma believes in focusing her creative ability on bringing light to this place we call home, we will in turn bring harmony between mankind and all of creation. If we do not reestablish ecological unity with the natural world, all of our artistic accomplishments will be meaningless. Noma's work is executed in a variety of materials, it is simplistic, abstract, and conceptual.

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