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Painting is silent poetry, and poetry is painting that speaks. Simonides

Paul Mowat

Paul Mowat

I am an artist concerned with the human condition. I am based in Edinburgh where I paint and teach. I am interested in what makes each of us unique, the ageing process, our relationships with one another and the remnants from that: writing, photographs and other artifacts of use as a source material. I am constantly amazed at our uniqueness, what makes you, you and me, me. People can be beguiling, beautiful, terrible, banal and surprising. We are all here, now and for a short time. I attempt to record some sort of trace.


I am a painter. I work mainly with oil on canvas, linen or panel. I
work in both natural light and using daylight bulbs ( I am based in
Scotland after all) and work in series. Other than oils I use inks,
acrylic and watercolours, collage, digital imaging amongst other
drawing materials. I vary physical and time scales. some work
might take a day, week, months or longer.


* HND Graphic Design and Printmaking
* BA HONS Painting ECA

1999-present Lecturer (pt) in drawing and painting at Edinburgh
College of Art ( University of Edinburgh)

I have over ten years experience of teaching drawing and painting
techniques in higher and further education and have taught
numerous workshops and master classes.

Private tuition available.

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barbra koenig said...

You are outstanding. Do you teach on line?


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