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Painting is silent poetry, and poetry is painting that speaks. Simonides

Ryuzo Kojima

Ryuzo Kojima

I am a Tokyo-based artist who graduated from Zoukei University, Tokyo and have exhibited
extensively around Tokyo, including Ginza Saegusa Gallery, Tanaka Yaesu Gallery, Akasaka Sanko,
Ginza Saegusa Gallery and Koshindo Gallery. This solo show will be my first Australian exhibition.


My concept of this show is fusion of the nature and my expression. I have produced art-works for this
show through respect for distinctive feature of natural materials...wood, cloth and paper. Human
beings have been improving incredibly on civilization and lifestyle during the last 100 years. But we
have misplaced nature’s ability to show us space and time. I believe it is the time to re-consider what
we have done in the past and re-connect and admire the space and time nature’s beauty and
simplicity has offer.


2003 Winner of The 23rd Japan Art tournament
2002 Prized at New Artist & New Products Award
2002 Prized Artist show in Goraku Gallery Ginza - Tokyo
1984 The first win of New Artwork Competition. Won each year since then

Ryuzo Kojima is a Japanese artist who has exhibited extensively throughout Tokyo. His mixed media works are so unique and peculiar; highlighting poignant interactions between nature and humans. The exceptional thing about Ryuzo is the textual, layered feelings of his works; sometimes they will be on a structured board that he has shaped and carved or 3-dimensional behind a class frame. Ryuzo says we have misplaced the beauty of nature and its ability to show us space and time in our 21st century life and this is what his works aim to capture.

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