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Painting is silent poetry, and poetry is painting that speaks. Simonides

Vishal Wadaye

Vishal Wadaye

"Vishal is another up coming member of the team who has devoted himself to this project wholeheartedly. He possesses a diploma in engineering, which he says, helps him as an artist. He boldly gave up his job at the age of thirty-four to devote full time to his passion of drawing. He likes to draw portraits, still life and of course realism.
In his own words he says '...this project ...inspired me to know and read more about them (great Indian Heroes) and that in itself was a great experience...I am simply proud to be Indian.' He has enjoyed working on this project and produced some memorable and inspiring paintings like Operation Vijay, K L Saigal and as can be seen has managed to pump life into Birsa Munda's painting. He has evolved with the project and his style has seen a great improvement.
The Art society of India honoured him with the best portrait award in 1996. His works hang proudly in India, U. S. A. and Europe. He has held many exhibitions in India."quote

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