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Painting is silent poetry, and poetry is painting that speaks. Simonides

Adam Barsby

Adam Barsby

 Adam Barsby was born in Leicester in 1969. After graduating in Illustration at The Kent Institute of Art and Design with a first class honours degree in 1992, he began his artistic career as a freelance illustrator. At the same time he began working in galleries in and around London. This is where he saw painting and fine art as a vehicle not only to successfully finance himself, but as a means to express his creativity.

Since turning fully professional in 1996, Adam has been awarded a number of accolades which include Best Up and Coming Artist 1999, Best Selling Artist of the Year 2000, and no less than three nominations for Best Published Artist.

For the last two years however, Adam has sought to redefine his style. Figurative work has enabled him to express his ideas about love and our journey through life. Landscapes, Cityscapes and Seascapes are also common themes that help express his love for the world around him.

His artistic influences are clearly seen in his work. Stanley Spencer has been a long-term inspiration, so to that of the naive genre of art initiated by Alfred Wallis. His deepest passion however is his love for the sea. You will notice that many of his compositions are based around coastal and harbour scenes and this provides the backdrop to many of his themes.

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