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Painting is silent poetry, and poetry is painting that speaks. Simonides

David Shanahan

David Shanahan

Having been raised in southern Ireland, the world I grew up was dominated by two powerful stories. The primary one was of course Catholic, with its stories of angels and passivity, of repressed sexuality and the possibility of resurrection. The other stories tended to be much more earthy, late night tales, full of talking birds and animals, of shape shifters, lonely ghosts, nature goddesses and dying Kings. The resulting tension between Christian and Pagan, myth and reality, past versus present, made a deep impression on me as a boy, and as a result, they continue to inform my work, providing me with a rich, iconic feast of subject matter.

TSW Open Award winner Mixed 1978
Plymouth Art Gall and Museum. One man 1979
Birmingham Art Centre One man 1980
Billian-De-Contemporain, Paris. Mixed 1980
Will Stone gall, San Francisco One man 1982
Blue Moon Gall, New Mexico One man 1984
Bon Echo Gall, Tsuymama, Japan. Mixed. 1989
Red Dot gallery, London. Mixed 1997
Broomhill Gallery, N, Devon One man 1998
Goldfishbowl gall, St Ives One man 2001
Affordable Art Fair, London @ New York. Mixed. 2002
Biscuit factory, Newcastle upon Tyne. Mixed 2004
Imagine Gallery Long Melford Suffolk Ongoing

Private Collections, Eire, USA. Denmark> Holland. Germany. Canada. Japan. Australia
Ben Kingsly, Lord Weymouth, Lord Bath, Lord Sawyer, David Bowie.

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