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Painting is silent poetry, and poetry is painting that speaks. Simonides

DIMA DOLLS - Dmitry Petrovich Zhurylkyn

DIMA - Dmitry Petrovich Zhurylkyn -  Дмитрий Петрович Журилкин

Dima PJ-known in Russia and abroad puppet artist, graduate of the Moscow school of arts and crafts. Professionally engaged dolls for over 20 years. His works are in private collections in Russia, the U.S., Switzerland, Italy, famous invention, the direction "without doll dolls", winner of numerous international prizes and awards, has participated in many prestigious exhibitions and popular dolls in Russia, USA, England, etc. Exhibited Doll Gallery Vahtanov 1998.

the full name of Dmitry Petrovich Zhurilkin. One of the most paradoxical of contemporary artists. With the doll it can simulate the most incredible situation, so much so that real-life woes seem just toys

Dmitry Petrovich Zhurylkyn
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