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Painting is silent poetry, and poetry is painting that speaks. Simonides

Ed Byers

Ed Byers

"Using earthenware, I am striving to make narrative representations that all have a unique, human story to tell - usually of peace and hope - helping to connect to others through our differences."

Ed began working in clay in 2003 and soon found himself with an intense interest in figurative sculpture. Heads, torsos, bodies: all expressing gesture, beauty and spirit through texture, color, and form.

All of Ed's work is hand built with red earthenware clay. He use various textures and sometime tools that he may find. The sculptures are multiple-fired with oxide washes, slips and underglazes layered on each piece.

Ed is originally from Huntsville, Alabama and a graduate of Auburn University and has completed post graduate studies in ceramic sculpture in Asheville, NC and Santa Fe, NM.

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