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Painting is silent poetry, and poetry is painting that speaks. Simonides

Iva Troj

Iva Troj

My son once said art was about "breaking things in the right places". He was 8 and I was trying to explain what juxtaposition meant. I use this quote a lot when I teach, I figure people discover things about art and themselves when they try to decipher it.

Art is so hard to explain though. I am fascinated by the impossibility of art categorization, I get in trouble every time I’m asked to explain my work or technique. I was schooled in the most traditional way starting from the same basics that Renaissance artists and their pupils learned, like making your own oils or studying the bodies in the morgue (it's a long story, I grew up in communist Bulgaria)...


MA in Information Strategy & Analytics - University of Borås, Sweden - 2013

Media Studies University of Södertörn - 2009-2012

3D Modeling and Animation Techniques at University of Södertörn - 2010

Culture Studies at University of Stockholm- 2009

Egyptology at University of Stockholm- 2010

Design Management at Berghs School of Communications, Sthlm, Sweden - 2003

Graphic Design & Illustration at CCAC, CA, USA - 1991-1992

Art & Design at T.L. School of the Arts, Pl, BG - 1983-1988

Project Management – IBM Academy, SWE - 2003

Fundamental Components of a Business Case - IBM Academy - 2003

Business Case Modeling – IBM - 2002

Building an E-Commerce Business Case – IBM - 2002

Financial Fundamentals – BA; Sverige; 2002

Business Process Design – BA - 2001

Printmaking – Kulturforum; SWE - 1998

Creative Writing – KALA, CA, USA - 1992

Journalism & Arts – KALA, CA, USA - 1992

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Iva Troj

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