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Painting is silent poetry, and poetry is painting that speaks. Simonides

Jon Wassom

Jon Wassom

Artist Statement:

My current works are records of all types of movement: physical, psychological, emotional, and spiritual. It is because of movement that things exist and are created. From atoms to planets, vibration and movement are necessary for the sustainment of life. When things move, things change. Change is one of the only constant variables in the universe. Change and growth are part of the human experience. These are the catalysts behind the process.

The work usually begins through impulse and the subconscious and is inspired by life, the speed of thought, the human body, and the media. Then it grows upon itself, layering intuitive thoughts and decisions based on higher thinking, and the conscious mind.

Born in Brigham City, UT 1984.

Painting is a very compulsive activity for me, and is an escape from everyday superficial social interaction. Ironically, they usually end up reflecting various aspects of human conversation and the rawness of natural humanity.


4 years at Utah State University-Painting and Drawing emphasis

Scholarship offer to Maryland Institute College of Art 2007

Solo Show "Removed and Recycled" Touchstone Gallery, Washington D.C. 2007

Best of Show "My Space on 7th"
Touchstone Gallery, Washington D.C. 2007

Juror: "Art on the Small Side" Dec. 2007

Full-Time Ice Skating Instructor, Washington D.C.

Lives and works in studio, Baltimore, MD

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