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Painting is silent poetry, and poetry is painting that speaks. Simonides

Katie Hoffman

Katie Hoffman

2004 Bachelor of Fine Arts, Metropolitan State College of Denver, Denver, CO

 "Using paint, I strive to convey inner realities: the push and pull of fleeting thoughts, the longings and ambiguities of things unspoken.
I start with a nonobjective under-painting and no preconceptions but texture and color to enter into a dialogue with the paint itself. Though this approach to a start is indebted to Abstract Expressionism, the paintings are not completed in one dynamic session. They are returned to over a period of weeks or months, as more layers of paint, wax, and various media are added and some areas are abraded or scraped down to reveal earlier layers, in a mimicry of fragmented memory and experience residing in an invented space.
My creative process is largely intuitive. I bring recognizable imagery to the surface if it suggests itself during the process, but attempt to retain some of the ambiguity of the original vision. "

Katie Hoffman

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