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Painting is silent poetry, and poetry is painting that speaks. Simonides

Roelna - Roelna Louw

Artist & sculptor Roelna Louw was raised in South Africa where she wrote and directed award winning childrens’ TV programs. During the 1990's she relocated to USA, bought some clay and began telling stories in three dimensions...

Marlaine Verhelst

"Marlaine Verhelst Bio:

My dolls are based on the human anatomy but starting from that point I try to create my own fantasy world: 'Marlaine Verhelst is the creator of a range of fantastic storybook marionettes. She is inspired by the freedom of creating fairy-tales figures which develop in any direction from which her imagination beckons her to follow. Marlaine works in the classic way when forming her heads with slip. The head is made in two parts and hollowed out from the neck and then fired at 12600C. She works without molds, first creating clay models. Inevitably, she says, just as her manipulation of the clay fascinates her into a 'ghost'-like trance, the telephone always rings. One can discover a riot of animal imagery in Marlaine's marionettes, from delicately webbed hands and elaborate headpieces to more elementary Mickey-Mouse-type ears. She has described her working methods in extensively illustrated books published in German and Dutch. 'Ursula and Brigitte Driskell, 'Going Dutch' In: Doll Reader, Oct. 1992, p. 172-179. 'The Dutch had a strong continent of artists highlighted most prominently by the supremely gifted Hennie Koffrie and Marlaine Verhelst. While some may refer to their work as avant-garde, there is no doubting their genius. Their presentations were incredible' 

Peter Coe, 'Doll Art Frankfurt-Germany, May 22-23, 1993', In: Contemporary Doll Magazine, Oct. 1993,
p. 63."

Margarita Checa

Margarita Checa nació en Lima, Perú en 1950.

Estudió en la Pontificia Universidad Católica del Perú entre 1972 y 1979. Entre 1975 y 1985 estudió también en el taller de Cristina Gálvez. Desde entonces ha participado en numerosas conferencias y desde 1985 ha realizado extensas exposiciones individuales.

Born in Lima , Peru . 1950

Chief Director of Drawing. San Jose Costa Rica
Chief Director. Cristina Galvez Atelier.
Drawing and Sculpture.  Universidad Católica del Perú.
Drawing and Sculpture. Consuelo de Aninat Atelier. Lima-Perú.

Cristina Galvez Atelier, Leslie Lee
Cristina Galvez Atelier
Pontificia Universidad Catolica del Peru graduated with honor


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