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Painting is silent poetry, and poetry is painting that speaks. Simonides

Eva Antonini

Eva Antonini

"Eva Antonini was born in Rapperswil-Switzerland, the place of her childhood and adolescence.As a young girl, Eva reveals a natural proneness for molding clay, matter that later will be privileged in the creation of sculptures of medium and large dimensions.From 1981-1985 she lives in Geneva, where she takes her first steps in the working world, following her diverse and complex education: language studies; singing, music and dance; a horizon of journeys, stays in England, Italy and United States with stops in the Middle and Far East. In l985 she moves to the Canton Ticino with the intention of refining her linguistic knowledge, particularly in italian and english.Together with specialization courses, she attends studios of master sculptors such as Oreste and Antonio Quattrini, Giorgio Eros Morandini, Giovanni Cimatti.In 2003 she takes part in the first collective exhibitions and in 2005 she is the recipient of a prize for sculpture at the International Biennial of Contemporary Art in Florence.In 2006 she receives her first commission for the creation of a bronze sculpture to be placed in an open space.In 2010 some of her work is chosen for the exhibition at the Carousel du Louvre, headed by the National Fine Arts Society of Paris. Her expository curriculum ranges from Switzerland, to Italy, from France to the United States."

Cenno biografico

"Questa artista è scultrice per innata vocazione, sia che modelli la creta, sia che scolpisca il marmo. Le sue opere emergono tutte dal mistero del mondo femminile che si rivela nelle molteplici figure sinuose e sensuali, a volte rese più enigmatiche dai veli che avvolgono il corpo.
Classicismo e realismo, armoniosamente riuniti nelle sue sculture imprimono alle sue dita quel tocco capace di dar loro vita e impulso."
                                                                                                        Sussy Errera

Il suo interesse per i materiali modellabili risale all’infanzia; nel corso degli anni ha continuato a plasmare istintivamente la creta, ma la sua passione per la scultura è letteralmente esplosa in questi ultimi anni.
Inizialmente l’apprendimento di importanti nozioni è avvenuto mediante frequenti viaggi in Toscana, terra dell’arte soprattutto scultorea, e con la frequentazione di corsi e laboratori di noti maestri scultori in Svizzera e Italia.
L’artista è di origine svizzero-tedesca, risiede e lavora nella Svizzera Italiana. Le sue opere sono esposte in patria e all’estero.

  "Modellare è per me come un dialogo con me stessa,
un’immersione in un’altra dimensione, in un mondo
di forme, colori e sensazioni. E’ una sfida riuscire a
dare forma concreta a un’idea, a un pensiero, a una
fantasia. Durante il lavoro, spesso notturno, sento
che le mie mani sono guidate da una forza maggiore
che sfugge al mio controllo e questo ha segnato
il mio cammino in maniera irrevocabile!"

Formazione (Corsi e scuole di scultura frequentati)
Ritrattistica scultorea
Lavorazione del marmo
Riproduzione su marmo mediante il sistema a punti
Tecniche di cottura
Tecniche di patinatura e trattamento superficie
Tecnica di cottura specifica terra, ossidi e vetro
Tecnica di abbinamento terra e sabbia
Studi del nudo
Scribbling – disegno spontaneo e a riduzione
Scuola di scultura, docenti Giorgio Eros Morandini (marmo),
Oreste Quattrini (terracotta)


Jeff Nishinaka

Jeff Nishinaka

Los Angeles native Jeff Nishinaka is the world’s premier paper sculptor with a prolific career that spans 30 years. Nishinaka attended UCLA and graduated from the prestigious Art Center College of Design, where he first experimented with paper art and sculpture. Nishinaka’s commercial portfolio includes Bloomingdale’s, Galeries Lafayette, Le Bon Marché, Credit Suisse, Polo Ralph Lauren, Pfizer, Sprint, The Peninsula Hotel, Visa, Penn State University, Paramount Pictures and Coca Cola, among others. Actor Jackie Chan, who is a close friend of the artist, owns the largest collection of Nishinaka’s work. Nishinaka began working in paper quite by accident. “I have always wanted to be a painter, but while studying illustration at Art Center, I was given assignments in both a graphic design and fashion drawing class at the same time to experiment in different mediums, one of them being paper. That was my ‘Ah-ha!’ moment. I quickly developed a feel for working with paper. From then on, I began experimenting with different papers, finding ways to shape, bend, and round edges on it. I wanted to manipulate paper in the least invasive way, to keep the integrity and feel of it. Paper to me is a living, breathing thing that has a life of it's own. I just try to redirect that energy into something that feels animated and alive.

Calvin Nicholls

Calvin Nicholls 

Inspired by family, friends and by my high school art teacher, I enrolled in the three year graphic design program (1976-79)at Sheridan College in Oakville, Ontario.

Upon graduation I spent my first year in an advertising agency before opening my own freelance design studio in north Toronto during 1981.

Experiments with paper sculpture began in 1984 and before long paper sculpture played a dominant role in most of my design clients' projects and campaigns.

It was a matter of time before my life-long interest in art and wildlife combined. I had just completed a bird of prey with outstretched wings for Noranda Recycled Papers when it struck me how well suited the layering of feathers was to the art of paper sculpture.

My first series of limited edition prints were launched in 1989 at the Buckhorn Wildlife Festival in Ontario and National Trust commissioned 15 wildlife sculptures for a national campaign in 1992.

Success at shows and with an increasing demand for my work in the corporate sector there was now a base for what has become a very exciting career.

My work was juried into shows for the first time in 1994 with the Society of Animal Artists in New York with whom I have enjoyed many years of gallery exposure throughout the United States.

Commercial Illustration awards have opened doors as well. An international firm, Follett Library Resources of Chicago, commissioned me to begin a wildlife themed campaign in 1995 which continues to this day with over 75 large sculptures completed and displayed throughout their offices. Posters of these sculptures are on display in FLR client libraries and school art departments around the world from Alaska to South Africa.

I completed 15 sculptures for an a children's book written by Rafe Martin and published in 2002 by Arthur A. Levine (an imprint of Scholastic Press in New York. The book was titled The World Before This One which gained high praise by revered Kirkus and Star Review book reviewers in the United States.

My interest in monochromatics continues. I want people to be drawn in to explore the work and to consider the medium. Although I have completed pieces in full colour I continue to experiment with the interaction of light and shadow on the surface of plain paper in off white or in multi-step grayscale equivalents as in my most recent piece titled Moonridge.

I look forward to the adventures that lie ahead and enjoy the times I have had working from my home studio with my wife watching all three of our children as they develop their own styles and skills in the world of art.

Special Achievements:

    1996 - Award of Merit - Society of Animal Artists
    Hawkeye - Red-tailed hawk - back to viewer with head turned - perched on a limb - monochromatic on triple matting



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