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Painting is silent poetry, and poetry is painting that speaks. Simonides

Stasys Eidrigevicius

Stasys Eidrigevicius

Stasys Eidrigevicius is the original visionary artist: the painter and illustrator. Around the world, and Lithuania in particular, his name became famous because of spectacular posters and children’s book illustrations, which had grown with more than one generation. Exhibition is called Face on the Mask in order to name authors’ creativity’s reasoning, revealing the artist’s unique way of thinking, attitude towards the surrounding reality.

The exhibition includes about 200 works created in 1974-2010. Oil paintings, pastels, watercolors, sculptures, masks, prints, drawings and photographs. Most of the works came from the artist’s studio in Warsaw, the exposition of works from the Lithuanian Art Museum. The exhibition consists of three parts: Hazy, Melancholy and nostalgia and (I)mortal; these parts reflects S.Eidrigevicius output and characterizes his moods and modes.


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A medal of honour at the 6th International Biennial of Modern Ex-Libris in Malbork. Diploma in the Institute of Fine Arts in Vilnius in painting. Debut - the oil paintings Triptych with my Father, Mum and Aunt Elizabeth. He is appointed to work in school and he works as an artist in the Vilnius Philharmonic Hall.

First visit to Poland in response to the invitation of an ex-libris collector, Edmund Puzdrowski from Bydgoszcz. During his stay in Poland he visited Warsaw, Cracow, Zakopane, Auschwitz, Poznan, Gdansk, among other cities, taking keen interest in the modern art.

Studies in the Institute of Fine Arts in Vilnius at the pedagogie faculty. After the second year he specialised in painting, all the time participating in graphics classes. He took active part in students' theatrical undertakings, he belonged to the literature circle. First honourable mentions and individual exhibitions organised in his mother university: e.g. ex-libris exhibition (1970) and painting exhibition (1971), recognised as the best individual exhibition of the year.

Education in the S. Zukas Technical School in Kaunas, where he studied artistic design of leather. First attempts in the field of artistic photography and graphics (ex-libris). A diploma with honours for the design of leather book covers.

The Eidrigievicius family moves to Lepsiai village near Panevezys, where Stasys started his education, continued in Panevezys since 1960. Very early he showed artistic talents, noticed by his closest surrounding and the educators.

Stasys Eidrigevicius was born on July 24 in the village Medinskiai in the north of Lithuania, the second son of Leonard, of Polish decent, and Alfonsa. He spent his childhood in the countryside, in a large family circle. He was particularly attached to his mother.


2010 Gloria Artis Medal, Warsaw, Poland
2009 Doctor Honoris Causa, Vilnius, Lithuania
2009 Bronze Medal, Toyama, Japan
2001 National Art Award, Lithuania
2000 Order of Gedyminas, Lithuania
1999 Gold Medal, Katowice, Poland
1994 Gold Medal, Toyama, Japan
1993 Gold Medal, New York, USA
1991 Grand Prix, Bratislava, Slovakia
1990 Grand Prix, Belgrad, Jugoslavia
1988 Silver Medal, New York, USA
1987 Gold Hugon, Chicago, USA
1986 Grand Prix, Barcelona, Spain

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Leah Brown


Leah Brown was raised in North Carolina and lives and works in South Florida. She received her BFA from the Rhode Island School of Design, and is currently pursuing her MFA in Sculpture from the University of Miami. Leah is Vice President of the FAT Village Artists Association in Ft Lauderdale, FL, where she oversees the art direction and curation of the Projects and the Projects/South.


I work to create visual narratives. I am interested in spaces that mimic the mind, and situations where perceptions produce more questions than answers. Growing up in Southern Appalachia gave me the structure and setting of my private myths, my dreams, and my artwork. This is a place of secrets and opposition, pristine nature and pronounced privacy that leaves me with the feeling that there is much more to see than meets the eye. I interpret this world as though it were filled with intent, with symbols and omens that reveal truths and impossibilities. My desire to go beyond surface visibility has led me to create sculptured objects and environments that allow me and my viewers to go beyond the imagined insertion of ourselves into the picture plane or text, to physically exist in the same space as the imagined. My artmaking is an attempt to bridge the gap between the narrative arc of my waking history with that of this underlying one through exploration, analysis, and willed creation. The accumulation of scenarios and characters becomes the basis for an ongoing narrative, what I call “The Story of the Hunted”.

Arthur Sharafian or Artur Sharafian

Arthur Sharafian

Arthur Sharafian was born in Yerevan /Armenia/ in 1972.
In 1987 Yerevan State College of Fine Arts named after P.Terlemezian, department of painting
In 1989 First individual exhibition at the “House of Artists”
In 1991 Yerevan State Institute of Fine Arts, department of painting, studio of Armenian well-known painter E. Isabekian. During his studies at the Institute participated in numerous Student exhibitions organized by the Union of Painters.
In 1996 Had an Individual exhibition in Mursia (Spain) at the “Chis” gallery.
In 1999 Participation in “Theatre and Cinema” international exhibition “Moscow”.
In 2000 Individual exhibition in Mursia (Spain) at the “Chis” gallery.
In 2002 Participation in International Festival Exhibition of Young Painters in Moscow (Russia), as a member of 6 representatives from Armenia.
In 2004 Participation in Art Expo Caucasus, First International Art Expo in Georgia.
In 2005 Exhibition in Paris at “Cite de Art” center.
In 2007 Exhibition in Rome “Colors of Armenia”, organized by the Embassy of Armenia in Italy.
In 2007 group exhibition in Beirut.
Since 2005 Sharafian is working with the gallery “De’ art Modus” in Place des Vosges (Paris) and Gallery “Spolnik” (city Varenne), has a contract for permanent exposition.
Since 1999 he have been a member of the Armenian Union of Painters and UNESCO artist’s partnership.
His canvases are exhibited in Spain, USA, France, England Canada, Japan and China


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