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Painting is silent poetry, and poetry is painting that speaks. Simonides

Isabelle Cochereau

Isabelle Cochereau

Née le 21 février 1970 à Saint-Denis (93)
Vit et travaille à Montreuil-sous-Bois

Activités :
Diplomée des Arts Appliqués Duperré ( BTS)
Graphiste indépendante cotisant à la Maison des Artistes depuis 1996.
Artiste numérique

Novembre : RDV d'art - Paris
Octobre-Novembre : Biennale Chateau de Saint-Brisson-sur-Loire
Mars : Exposition Women Act - Montreuil
Février : Exposition collective
Creve Coeur - Montreuil
Janvier- Mars : Exposition à la
Art Gallery jonghART Bruges - Belgique

Novembre ; Las Noches de Los Muertos4 - Montreuil / Vincennes
Octobre : Exposition collective PinUp Montreuil
Exposition collective El Beso de la Muerte - Paris Burlesque festival Paris
Exposition collective - Art cité 2012
juillet : Exposition personnelle Festival d'Avignon. La Comédie
Juin : Exposition Galerie Sabine Jeangeorges - Peyriac-de-mer
Mai : Exposition collective "Les Manufactories" avec Les Petites Mains de la République - Montreuil
Avril Mai : Politics
Mars : Exposition à la Chapelle St Jacques / Concert de Fred Frith - Clohars Carnoët
Février exposition collective Creve Coeur - Montreuil

Exposition collective - Las Noches de Los Muertos - Montreuil
Exposition Theatre des Roches Montreuil
Octobre :
Exposition collective - “Y a pas photo”
Centre Culturel Utrillo - Pierrefitte-sur-seine
Exposition collective - Art cité 2011
( Lauréate du prix Arts-Scènes 2011 ) - Fontenay-sous-bois
Exposition collective Portes Ouvertes des Ateliers d'Artistes - Couleur d’Orange -Montreuil
Septembre :
Accrochage de rentrée A vos souhaits
Exposition collective - Galerie Yvon Lambert au profit de AIDES
Juin :
Exposition personnelle - Le Batofar - Paris
Exposition Collective - Trophée Alain Godon - Le Touquet Paris-Plage
Mai :
Exposition personnelle - Les Mères Veilleuses - Paris
Exposition Collective : Les Manufactories - Montreuil
Mars :
Exposition personnelle “ Autoportraits” L’Amitié Rit - Montreuil
Exposition Collective "Dauphine Art Week" Université Paris Dauphine
Janvier/Mars :
Exposition personnelle “L’amour et tout autre chose...”
La Table d’Emile - Montreuil

Exposition collective Portes Ouvertes des Ateliers d'Artistes - Pictogram - Montreuil
Mars / Avril
Exposition personnelle “ Autoportraits” Ville de Montreuil (Robert Desnos)
Exposition collective “ Soupe à l’Oseille” Galerie Tristan - Issy-les-Moulineaux

Exposition collective -“Comme Vous Emoi “- Montreuil
Exposition personnelle Galerie Letroudelavente Montigny-sur-Loing
Mars/ Avril
Exposition collective : Urban Code Galerie La Boutique d’Artempion - Vincennes
Exposition collective SVM MAC l’expo - Musée de l’Informatique / Grande Arche de la Défense
Exposition personnelle “12 Autoportraits” - Maison de La Femme - Montreuil

Exposition collective Portes Ouvertes des Ateliers d'Artistes - Montreuil
Juillet/ Août
Exposition personnelle Festival d’Avignon : Théâtre de L’Oulle

Exposition collective - Galerie Yvon Lambert au profit de AIDES
Exposition personnelle “Le Calendrier Idéal” - Le Der des Ders - Montreuil
Joyeuse vente aux enchères au profit de Denis Robert - Nancy
Performances collective sur palissades - Ville en Fête - Montreuil

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Israel Hadany

Israel Hadany

In general, my works seen as emotive constructs, can be divided into sculpture with an environmental context,and sculpture viewed as an adventure and search for pure art. Although they are clearly within a contemporary framework, there is a conscious avoidance of being bound by trends, fashion or styles in the art world; an approach which permits an open, creative mobility, whose resources stimulatate a vitality, which stems from life itself but goes beyond the realm of timelessness.

Israel Hadany (Danovitz) - Biography

1941 - Born in Israel.
1957 - Studies Painting at the Avni Institute, Tel Aviv, Israel.
1965 - 1967 - Post - graduate studies at Hornsey College of Art, London, England.
1971 - Teaches Sculpture and Design at Bezalel Academy of Art, Jerusalem, Israel.
1972 - Represents Israel at the 36th Biennale in Venice, Italy.
1975 - Works with Taller de Arquitectura of Ricardo Bofill, Barcelona, Spain.
1981 - 1982 - Creates the first artonomic system in sculpture in collaboration with Dr. Tsion Avital.
1983 - Represents Israel at the International Symposium on Outdoor Sculpture, Yorkshire, England.
1988 - Guest artist of the Virginia Center for the Creative Arts, Sweet Briar, Virginia, USA.
1989 - Invited to the International Sculpture Symposium in Oransk,Poland.
1991 - ”The 5th International Biennale of Prints”. Taipei Fine Arts Museum, Taipei, Taiwan.
1993 - Curator of ”Drawer Art, Unrealized Projects”. Artists House, Jerusalem, Israel (in collaboration with architect David Guggenheim).
- Participates in the competition for the design of the Prime Minister's office (in collaboration with architects A. Rachamimoff, A. Krantz, D. Mintz, and G. Dyer).
- Joins an artists' delegation at ”Days of Jerusalem Culture”, Prague, Czech Republic.
1995 - Curator of ”An Artist Designs His Own Memorial”. Artists - House, Jerusalem, Israel.
1997 - Represents Israel in the cultural exchange program India - Israel.
2000 - Participates in the international competition Martin Luther King Jr. National Memorial Project Washington, D.C. (with architect P. Keinan).
2001 - Guest artist at the 14th International Sculpture Symposium, Carrara, Italy.

Public Works
1970 - Environmental sculpture in front of the Jerusalem train station. Israel (removed in 1975).
1973 - Sculpture. Eshkol Park, Dimona, Israel.
1975 - Glass Sculpture. Beit Yad Lebanim, Jerusalem, Israel.
1976 - Kinetic Wall. The Sharett Institute, Hadassah Hospital, Jerusalem, Israel.
1977 - Memorial Sculpture. Ben Gurion Airport, Israel.
1978 - Hadany Arch, road sculpture. Williamsport, Pennsylvania, USA.
1979 - Sculpture. Liberty Bell Garden, Jerusalem, Israel.
- Three Tubes. The Morris Arboretum, University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA.
- Dimona, Outdoor Sculpture. Allentown, Pennsylvania, USA.
1982 - Sculpture for a schoolyard. Ramat Sharet, Jerusalem, Israel.
- Wind Sculpture. The Wohl Rose Garden, Jerusalem, Israel.
- Outdoor Fountain. Laromme Hotel, Jerusalem, Israel.
1983 - Sculpture. The Philip Johnson Art Center, Muehlenberg College, Allentown, Pennsylvania, USA.
- Memorial Wall for Fallen Soldiers. Kibbutz Gat, Israel.
- Well. Contemporary Art Meeting, Tel Hai, Israel.
1984 - Arthur Rubinstein Memorial Sculpture. Aminadav Forest, Israel.
- Stage set for 'Agadot' by composer Steve Horenstein. The Spring Festival, Jerusalem, Israel.
- Urban Sculpture. Maale Adumim, Israel.
1985 - Sky Pool. The Open Museum, Tefen, Israel.
1986 - Water Sculpture. Shenkin Park, Tel Aviv, Israel.
1987 - Sky Pool. Billy Rose Sculpture Garden, Israel Museum, Jerusalem, Israel.
- Water Column. Frankfurt Park, Hadar Yossef, Tel Aviv, Israel.
- Blue Sculpture. Tel Aviv, Israel.
- Homage to Philippe Petit. Hutzot Hayotzer Arts and Crafts Fair, Jerusalem, Israel.
1988 - Light Tower. Virginia Center for the Creative Arts, Sweet Briar, Virginia, USA.
- Tombstone of Rabbi Meir Baal Haness. Tiberias, Israel.
- Gate to the Mormon University. Jerusalem, Israel.
- ”Maarbolot”, stage set for a concert by composer Steve Horenstein. The Khan Theater, Jerusalem, Israel.
- Shmarsaf. Maale Oranim, Jerusalem, Israel.
1989 - Gate to Knowledge. Ort College, Carmiel, Israel.
- Homage to the Sun and Water. Community Center Kiryat Moshe, Rehovot, Israel.
- Ship of Tarshish. Hutzot Hayotzer Arts and Crafts Fair, Jerusalem, Israel.
1990 - Gate to Peace. Ben Gurion University, Beer Sheva, Israel.
- Sails. Hutzot Hayotzer Arts and Crafts Fair, Jerusalem, Israel.
1991 - Ve'elle Toldot, urban sculpture. Beit Shemesh, Israel.
- Frame of Mind. Sculpture Promenade, Arad, Israel.
- ”Agadot” new stage set for concert in the USA.
- Modular Wall. Headquarters of the Israel Electric Company, Jerusalem, Israel
1992 - Environmental Sculpture. Yedidya Institution, Abu - Gosh, near Jerusalem, Israel.
- Environmental Sculpture. Albert Katz Promenade, Mitzpe Ramon, Israel.
1993 - Sculpture for the California House, Tel Aviv, Israel.
- Sculpture Element for the Square of the Righteous Among the Nations, Tel Aviv, Israel.
1994 - Environmental Sculpture for the International Pavillion, Hutzot Hayotzer Arts and Crafts Fair, Jerusalem, Israel.
- Environmental Water Sculpture. Mishorei Hanof, Rishon Letzion, Israel.
1995 - Oasis, environmental sculpture. Northern entrance, Beer - Sheva, Israel.
- You Who Bear Memories of All Times, outdoor sculpture. Prague, Czech Republic.
1996 - Blue Angel. The Humanities Department, the Hebrew University, Jerusalem, Israel.
- Two and a Boat. Ashdod, Israel.
1997 - Sails. Ha Marina Square, Ashdod, Israel.
1998 - Daniel in the Lions' Den. The Open Museum, Tefen, Israel.
- The Shrine of Trees. National Book House, the Hebrew University, Jerusalem, Israel.
1999 - Jacob and the Angel. The Hebrew University, Jerusalem, Israel.
2001 - Qui giace I'ombra della colomba (”Here lays the dove's shadow”). Carrara, Italy.
2002 - Road Sculpture. Kiryat Ono, Israel.
- Sculpture. The Generi Building. The Government Precinct, Jerusalem, Israel.
2004 - Homage to Jey - Sing the 2nd, Institute for Biological Research, Ness - Ziona, Israel

Prizes and Awards
1969 - First prize, Art Integrated into Architecture Competition, Housing Ministry, Israel.
1970 - First prize, Street Furniture Competition, Israel Hayafa, Israel.
- Kolliner Prize for young artists. Israel Museum, Jerusalem, Israel.
1971 - Ika Braun Prize. Israel Museum, Jerusalem, Israel.
- First prize, Israel Room Competition, University of Pittsburgh, USA.
- Electronica 71, Tadiran Sculpture Prize. Israel Museum, Jerusalem, Israel.
1974 - First prize, National Competition for Design of the Burial Site of David and Paula Ben Gurion. Sde - Boker, Israel.
- The Sharet Foundation Grant for further studies in Europe. 1976First prize, National Competition for a Memorial Park in Ashdod, Israel (in collaboration with architects Z. Dekel, U. Miller, and J. Segal).
1980 - The Jerusalem Arts Award, Jerusalem, Israel.
1987 - First prize, Artifex International Competition for the Mediterranean Cultural Center, Theoule - sur Mer, France (in collaboration with architect A. Rachamimoff).
1990 - Percentage for the Arts. Virginia Beach City International Competition, Virginia, USA.
1992 - Discount Bank Prize for Israeli artists. Awarded by the Israel Museum, Jerusalem, Israel.
1993 - First prize, redesign of the old Bezalel Academy, Jerusalem, Israel (in collaboration with architect P. Keinan).
2000 - Among the six finalists in the international competition Martin Luther King Jr. National Memorial Project. Washington, D.C., USA.
2001 - Arieh Elchanani Prize, Integration of Sculpture into Architecture, Israel.
2005 - Alix de Rothschild Craft awards, second prize.

Charlene Doiron Reinhart

Charlene Doiron Reinhart

"Ceramic artist-primarily sculptural, but easily distracted by an uncontrollable desire to throw a few functional pieces" 

Charlene Doiron Reinhart


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