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Painting is silent poetry, and poetry is painting that speaks. Simonides

Lauren Haggis

Lauren Haggis

Creating pseudo realistic, figurative paintings with a Rorschach inkblot test underbelly.

Lauren Haggis is a fine artist with a strong background in painting and drawing. Her paintings, usually with a nude solitary female figure, are rich with understated depth, carrying an engaging soft sense of the personal mixed with an underlying almost cinematic narrative that keeps the viewer occupied in guessing what is truly

occurring within the mind and surroundings of the artwork’s subject. Often Haggis’ paintings explore the boundaries and relationships of chaos and silence. Without giving her viewers a distinct and apparent answer for each painting, she asks questions, inviting the viewer to converse with the painting and find their own answers and meaning within it.

Her works have varied from private commissions by the global firm, Morgan Stanley, to appearances in Academy Award winning movies, along with group and solo exhibitions.

Her North Los Angeles studio is open to collectors and curators, as well as client requests for commissions & portraiture.

Haggis has been featured in various publications, such as LA2DAY. She has exhibited in Los Angeles, New York, and Canada.

Richard Garriott Stejskal

Richard Garriott Stejskal

Richard Garriott-Stejskal was born in Annicortes, Washington, in 1944, but grew up in Omaha Nebraska, where his father moved the family after returning from World War II. After receiving his BFA in Sculpture from the University of Nebraska at Omaha, he worked for a short time in a media center for the Omaha public schools, and then briefly with an Architectural sculptor. Later, while in graduate school at the University of New Mexico, he worked at a local Veteran's medical center; he decided to finish his MA, feeling "that the only thing [an] MFA...was good for was teaching in a university...." It was 1970,and Garriott-Stejskal says that at the time there were no programs or organizations for art therapy, "so I invented my own version of it." He became the first registered art therapist in New Mexico and worked at the Veteran's Administration for 25 years, all the while pursuing and exhibiting his artwork. After taking early retirement in 1995, he began working part-time as Gallery Director for Very Special Arts Gallery and was the staff trainer for the Enabled Arts Center for Very Special Arts New Mexico. He has been "rearranging" his life since last May, he says, so that he can focus on creating artwork. Garriott-Stejskal is currently preparing for a two person show at Fisher Gallery in Albuquerque, scheduled for May of this year.

Lindsey de Ovies

Lindsey de Ovies


What differentiates one artist from another is their perspective—that unique take on the internal/external world that ideally pulls the viewer in. As an American artist living in Paris, I am a cultural hybrid straddling two vastly different civilizations, remaining somewhat alien in both. Observing my reality from this bifocal vantage point has informed my art and provided me with an exceptionally fertile breeding ground for new material.

Essentially my work questions all things conventional: commitment/responsibility, social integration, stereotype/identity, and all stages of maturing (birth, youth, marriage, family, mid-life, the randomness of death & beyond). In an effort to defy gravity, my pieces are often light on the surface, but multi-layered in message

As an American artist living in Paris, Lindsey De Ovies is a cultural hybrid straddling two vastly different civilizations, remaining somewhat alien in both. Observing her reality from this bifocal vantage point has informed the art of Lindsey De Ovies and provided her with an exceptionally fertile breeding ground for new material.

Lindsey de Ovies is a self-taught sculptor. Following her studies at Parsons School of Design, Lindsey De Ovies worked as a fashion designer for 15 years in New York, Asia and Europe. After moving to Paris in 1989, her passion for fashion design slowly evaporated, and in 2000 Lindsey De Ovies began her career as an artist. Over the past ten years, Lindsey De Ovies has exhibited extensively in the United States and Europe and her work is part of private collections around the world.



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