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Painting is silent poetry, and poetry is painting that speaks. Simonides

Radha Ramyar

Radha Ramyar

Radha Ramyar est née en 1983 en Iran, où elle a passé les 25 premières années de sa vie. Depuis 2008, elle vit et travaille en France. Elle est diplômée en Arts Plastiques à Téhéran et à Paris.
En 2011, elle a eu le premier prix de peinture du Salon d’Automne.
En 2012, elle a exposé au Salon d’Automne, obtenu le prix de peinture Marin, et exposé au Salon Comparaison sur le stand expressionniste de Jörg Hermle.

« Pendant des années de solitude, j’ai vécu avec mes passions, mes angoisses, mon silence et mon art. Aujourd’hui à Paris, j’ose dire que j’ai grandi avec la peinture. Dans tous mes travaux, il y a la trace de toutes ces années. L’empreinte que laisse chaque souvenir est palpable. De même, le silence est proéminent dans mon œuvre. C’est tout ce que j’ai dans ma vie. Ce silence a été profond lorsque l’avion a décollé de la terre de mon pays. Là, j’ai ressenti la déchirure. Je me suis rendue compte de ce que j’ai sacrifié pour accomplir ma mission. J’ai donné tout ce que j’avais pour avoir ce silence, pour entendre de nouvelles voix. Et aujourd’hui mon silence est grand, profond et patient, plein de nouvelles résonances. Et chaque fois que j’avance, j’entends de nouvelles voix qui enrichissent ma peinture, et auxquelles s’ajoutent dorénavant les fortes résonances de la voix de ma terre natale : la voix de la maison de mon enfance, de ma famille, de mon peuple et de mon pays. Tout cela est propre à moi, tout cela est mon univers et reflète ma personne pas une autre. […] Dans mes autoportraits, je ne cherche pas à rendre une simple présence, de moi seule ou au milieu des gens. Chaque geste et chaque regard de mes personnages comptent pour transmettre mes perceptions du monde sous le prisme de ma vision. »

Born in 1983 in Iran, she arrived in France in 2008 where she lives and works today. She is gratuated in Arts in Téhéran and in Paris.

In 2011, she has the first price of painting of "Salon d'automne".

In 2012, she exhibited in "salon d'automne", she got the price ok painting Marin, and she exhibited in "Salon comparaison" on the expressionnist stand of Jorg Hermle.

Candace Walters

Candace Walters

Candace Walters has been showing at Clark Gallery since 1986 with her exquisite drawings and collages. Her portraits and minimal drawings depict figures and objects. The pieces are intimate and are as much about mark making as they are about the image. She elevates her unassuming subjects to icons, celebrating the humble. She received her MFA at Boston University School for the Arts, and her BFA at Hartford Art School at the University of Hartford, Hartford, CT. Her work has been featured in group exhibitions at the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, DeCordova Museum, and Danforth Museum, among others. She is a recipient of a Massachusetts Cultural Council Fellowship and has twice received the Blanche E. Colman Award.



Native from Culiacan Sinaloa, Mexico, in a very early age, Sergio lives in Guadalajara, Jalisco, he m architecture studies in the “University of Guadalajara”. Attracted by the plastic arts and the art crafts, in 1966 he focused in painting and “Mache” paper sculpture, having in the same year his first art exposition in Misrachi gallery from Mexico city.

During 1972 and 1973, he established in Amsterdam, Holland, giving him the work of painting and design. In his return in 1975, with some others artists, he founded the group “Estudios, Taller, Familia” in Tlaquepaque Jalisco. He realized art expositions in Ambriz Gallery, of Valle de Bravo, in the Gallery pro-arte of Mexico City, so like expositions in Chicago and New York of painting and sculpture.

1979 he worked wood and bronze sculptures presenting expositions in Houston, Sacramento, Hartford and Seattle in the USA. In 1979 he put up a furniture-sculpture line, in wood and silver. In 1980, with the topic “some man and his works”, he presents an exhibition in Montreal, Canada and founded the gallery Sergio Bustamante in Tlaquepaque Jalisco and he opened an exposition in the “design and art center” in Monterrey Nuevo Leon.


One of the memories that lived on my childhood was the sensation to be able to fly. At the age of eleven years in the hot weather of Sinaloa and surrounded by an accumulation of fantasies, I felt that I flew transformed into a personage of my readings, obsessed by heroes and of swordfighters. Without even then imagined that, those where already splits of the creative exercise that I would dedicate my life to.

Nowadays, that I sit in my desk, they are born in paper and pencil, objects and personages that have brought between the heart and the eyes for many years (no matter how people say you always save this memories in your unconscious) memories inked of a distant past, to which I love and I sing. Painted of blurry sadnesses or memories of a recent past as sublime as receiving a kiss infront of the sea. Can you call Inspiration to bring dreams from the past? ... Painting, drawing, or designing will be perhaps the incredibly private forms of being yourself and without a minimum of modesty to show the pearls that you have kept in deep inside of you?.. Can we call it Your Garden of the delights? ... Or it will be the inspiration a measureless solitude with the one that we are born? ...


Linda Pochesci

Linda Pochesci

I am attracted to the dynamics of architectural spaces. Light and the shadows that it casts speaks to me about the poetics of space.

My paintings are composites of different houses and spaces I have lived in. I feel most at home on Cape Cod. I have a small summer cottage on the outer cape. This cottage, with its small studio outbuilding, is in many of my paintings. It appears in the background of my earlier works and it is the subject itself for my new paintings.


MFA in Painting Massachusetts College of Art, Boston, MA
BA in Art Montclair State College, Montclair, NJ


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