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Painting is silent poetry, and poetry is painting that speaks. Simonides

Alexandre Mijatovic

Alexandre Mijatovic

Né à Paris en 1971, il découvre le travail de la terre cuite en 1999 dans un atelier parisien.

Il est tout de suite séduit par cette matière et a pour mentor la sculptrice Marie-Claude DEBAIN. Très vite, elle sait lui faire découvrir sa propre signature et le laisse s’affirmer de pièces en pièces.

De petites expositions à de plus grandes (SNBA Carrousel du Louvre, Salon des Artistes Francais Grand Palais, Grand Marché d’Art Contemporain de la Bastille, Salon Violet, Carré Coignard Nogent, Salon Artistes Val de Marne, Salon Joinville Art Expo, Musée du Montparnasse, Musée des collections, AAF Bruxelles …), Alexandre commence à faire découvrir son travail au public qui l’accueille favorablement : prix du Salon Art&Matières 2008, prix du Salon des Artistes du Val de Marne 2009, prix Boesner 2009, prix de sculpture du salon de Saint Maurice 2011, grand prix du salon Joinville Art Expo 2011, inauguration de la sculpture « Une Vie Sinon Rien » par Gérard Larcher à Rambouillet, invité d’honneur Alfortville, de Gometz le Chatel …

Il fabrique son monde autour de personnages expressifs laissant libre cours à l’imaginaire de chacun. Souvent, ses personnages sont associés à des pièces métalliques de récupération, donnant à ces dernières une seconde vie.

Sa signature est reconnaissable par le mouvement, le déséquilibre, l’attitude et la morphologie de ses sculptures.

Personnages seuls, en groupe, de terre, de plâtre, de bronze, petits, grands, voire gigantesques, ils ne manquent pas d’interpeller les gens qui ne restent pas insensibles à leurs expressions.

Les sculptures d’Alexandre MIJATOVIC dégagent une puissance émotionnelle intense prenant naissance dans une gestuelle intimement liée à l’état d’âme ainsi que la précision apportée à certains détails anatomiques.

Prix et distinctions

Salon Joinville Art Expo 2011, Joinville le Pont (Val de Marne) : Lauréat du Salon

Salon des Arts de Saint-Maurice (Val de Marne) 2011 : Prix de Sculpture

Salon des Artistes du Val de Marne (SAVM), Saint Maur des Fossés, 2009 : Prix de Sculpture

Prix Boesner

Remise du Prix Cinélect 2009, Joinville Le Pont (Val de Marne)

Salon Art & Matières 2008, Maisse (Essonne) : Prix de Sculpture


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Becky Gray

Becky Gray

The figurative sculptures of ceramist Becky Gray provide a quiet place where one may reflect upon the narrative possibilities of the human condition.

"The dichotomy within man mimics that of nature -- full of beauty on one hand and destruction on the other," notes Gray. "In my work, however, I endeavor to convey the inherent goodness within mankind, whether quietly masked or direct."

Gray’s works are hand built; she uses thrown forms, extrusions, coils and slabs combined in different ways to create pieces that are sculptural and often ceremonial in nature. Her works are raku-fired with light reduction, generally sprayed with water and then put into hardwood sawdust to cool. The result is an aged, often stone-like or metallic appearance.

Gray received a BFA in Art and a BA in English from Meredith College in Raleigh, North Carolina. Gray also attended Auburn University, the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, and Penland School of Crafts.

Exhibitions include the Visual Arts Center, NC State University; Farmington Valley Arts Center (CT); Flagler Museum (FL); Charles Allis Museum (WI); William Breman Jewish Heritage Museum (GA); and Asheville Art Museum (NC). Gray’s work was also selected by the Southern Arts Federation for their traveling exhibition, "Contemporary Crafts."

Collections include R.J. Reynolds Industries Collection (NC), The Lannan Foundation (FL), North Carolina Pottery Center and North Carolina Museum of History.

Igor Tishin

Igor Tishin

1958- born in Vasilpolye, Gomel region , Belarus
2000- lives and works in Brussels.

1983- graduated from the Theatre and Art Institute in Minsk.(Academy of Arts)

"Belarus was the cradle of the Russian avant garde at the beginning of the twentieth century. The artistic climate at the time brought forth such artists as Chagall, Malevich, Zadkine and Soutine. At the present Belarus is the last dictatorship in Europe. Fifteen years after the fall of the Berlin wall, socialist realism still reigns supreme. Both of these developments have had a lot to do with the Belarusian national character. Igor Tishin, one of the most important representatives of the present Belarusian painting scene, is trying to demonstrate this. His work is a great investigation into Belarusian identity.

As a painter he is exploring the collective awareness of his native people, where Chagall always turned his somersaults, where the 19th century naive folklore coloured life, but also where Soviet dogma is still knocking about. Many of Tishin’s paintings depict heads. They are surrounded by associated colours, stimulating texts by Oscar Wilde and metaphors for the capricious Belarusian spirit. Tishin makes comments, associations and provocations, rashly breaks his own stylistic forms and fights tooth and nail for the preservation of his dreams and for the original cultural conscience of his people."

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