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Painting is silent poetry, and poetry is painting that speaks. Simonides

Aaron Paquette

Aaron Paquette

Aaron Paquette is the creator and founder of the Cree8 Success philosophy. As a troubled youth he struggled and wandered through depression, poverty, and confusion. He came to a crisis one morning on the guardrails of Edmonton's High Level Bridge. Though he didn't yet know his path he finally knew there was one for him and over the years developed a method of finding happiness and success that changed his life forever. He shares this message through his paintings and has garnered national exposure and interest for his work. He has been seen and heard in various media including documentaries about his life, interviews, and news articles.

He has been seen on Bravo, CTV, CityTV and heard on CBC, Aboriginal Voices Radio, and across Canada.

Aaron believes everyone can succeed if given the proper tools and methods to tap into their own personal truths and power and draws from his Metis and Cree background to teach these concepts. In demand to appear as a presenter, speaker, and trainer he has come a long way from the lost youth that saw no value in his own life.

His unique understanding of the personal challenges people face and how they achieve success on their own terms with the amazing power of their own creativity is reinventing the way people approach careers, money, and belonging in the New World.

"In my paintings, I seek to nurture a relationship with the viewer. I try to use colours that are calm and soothing, but also fresh and exciting. My goal is to create work that a person can be comfortable with and can invite into their home. In this manner, I hope to deliver a message. In each painting I try to include a story that is meaningful to me and encourages discussion. I hope that my work can act as part of a catalyst for greater understanding. I feel that it is important to allow art to be beautiful while conveying deep and sometimes very serious meaning. My work almost always features an aspect of nature and our relationship with the earth."

Aaron Paquette

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