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Painting is silent poetry, and poetry is painting that speaks. Simonides

April Wilson Harrison

April Wilson Harrison

I paint images primarily in acrylics, powders, watercolors, pencils and collage. I find that working with this unique palette offers faster drying times, enabling me to overlay color in one painting session, giving the work its tapestry-like background. I often incorporate found objects into my paintings, such as coins from around the world, specialty papers, magazine print and interesting treasures I find on the street. Even my nearly discarded paintings are given new life and recycled into newer works of art, thus creating texture and dimension.

As for my training, I am self taught and merely a vessel being utilized to instinctively create narrative, sentiment and observation. Why I’ve been chosen, I know not, nonetheless, I am humbled by this gift.

The visions that you see before you are the result of internal communication that require expressions of acceptance, pride, adoration and dignity. In creating these images I have come to appreciate that artists have been granted diverse narratives, meaning each artist has his/her own voice. Art expresses itself and when it moves the heart and awakens the spirit, it makes no distinction as to its originator.

Hometown: Daughter of Greenville , S. C.

Years in Art : Since 1991

Influence: The desire to create positive images of color, embracing individual diversity, inner spirituality and natural God given beauty

Education: Folk Artist

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