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Painting is silent poetry, and poetry is painting that speaks. Simonides

Bontcho Assenov - Бончо Асенов - Boncho Asenov

Bontcho Assenov -   Бончо Асенов  - Boncho Asenov
Бончо Асенов

Boncho Asenov was born 1950 in Kyustendil. He receved priza " Sriza" for painting, participating in the World Bienneial of Art in Basel, Switzerland, the Gold Medal of the Salon of Fine Arts in Marvel, France in 2006 and participed in over 70 exhibitions in the country and abroud. More important are his individual performans in Touluse, France- 1990, 1996 and 1999 - Toronto, Canada -1992, Glasgow, Scotland - 1992, 1996, Helsinki - 1994. Rio de Jeneiro and Recife, Brazil., 2003, where a newspaper "Tribue de Brazil" wroue - "Boncho Asenov is one of the most important names in contemporary Bulgaria art". Artist receives deserved recognition by Japanesse connoisseurs, where the famous Tokyo galleries "Takashimaya" and " Tobo" redeemed more then 100 of his paintings. Boncho Asenov blades are in privete collections in France, Mexico, Italy, Germany, Switzerland, Finland, Greece, Spain, Canada, Japan, USA, UK Kuwait, South Korea and others.
He lives and work in Sofia

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