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Painting is silent poetry, and poetry is painting that speaks. Simonides

George Yepes

George Yepes

Yepes (born 1955) was born and raised in the City Terrace neighborhood of East Los Angeles. He earned a degree in business administration at California State University, Los Angeles, while taking painting classes at night at East Los Angeles College. He then started his own financial planning business, working for several years as a part-time muralist and a full-time accountant. Between 1979 and 1985 he was one of the East Los Streetscapers. Since 1988 his works on canvas have been exhibited in group and solo shows in several local galleries and museums. In 1992 Yepes established the first free mural art school in Los Angeles-Academia de Arte Yepes. In early 1998 he completed a 68-foot vaulted ceiling mural for the Golden State Archives Museum in Sacramento.

Bishop Mora Salesian College Preparatory, East Los Angeles, California
East Los Angeles College, Monterey Park, California
California State University, Los Angeles, California
Princeton University, Princeton, New Jersey

Artist Statement:
"I speak with my brush"

George Yepes, Painter/Muralist

Selected Awards:
City of Los Angeles: Commendation 2013
City of Los Angeles: Commendation 2012
City of Los Angeles: Commendation 2008
Mayor of Los Angeles: JPL/NASA 2008
The Best of San Antonio, San Antonio Current 2003
Hispanic Heritage Month JPL/NASA 2001
City of Council of Los Angeles: Resolution 2001
City of Council of Los Angeles: Resolution 1999
State of California: Mural Competition "The Promise" 1998
City of Los Angeles: "Treasure of Los Angeles" 1997
State of California Department of Education: Arts Task Force 1997
City of Los Angeles: Commendation 1997
State Assembly of California: Commendation 1997
City of Commerce/City of Montebello: Mural Competition 1996
City of Los Angeles: Commendation 1995
Mayor of Los Angeles: Commendation 1995
United States Congress: Commendation 1995
JPL/NASA: Commendation Award 1995
FAA U.S. Department of Transportation: Commendation 1994
St. John Bosco: Award of Excellence 1994
City of Los Angeles: Commendation 1993
County of Los Angeles: Commendation 1993
State Assembly of California: Commendation 1993
California State University, Los Angeles: Presidents Award 1993
Hispanic Support Network, Cal State Alumni: Commendation 1993
Los Angeles Unified School District Award 1993
United States Congress: Commendation 1993
Los Angeles City of Council: Commendation 1993
City of Los Angeles: Commendation 1992
County of Los Angeles: Commendation 1992
First AME: Fame Award 1992
California Arts Council: Arts Fellowship 1992
Communication Arts: Award of Excellence 1991
SPARC Great Walls Unlimited: Mural Competition 1989
City of Los Angeles: Commendation 1984
Los Angeles Community College: Presidents Award 1981
National Endowment for the Arts: Visual Fellowship Grant 1981
National Endowment for the Arts: Visual Fellowship Grant 1980

George Yepes. "Muralist and Painter Yepes is Los Angeles' greatest living Baroque artist".

Marc B. Haefele, Writer

"When it comes to sheer touch that combines beautiful control over line and brushwork, yet seemingly spontaneous expression, George Yepes is among the best. His darkly romantic excess can't help but make you think he would have been Dante Gabriel Rossetti's (1828 - 1882, London, England), equal among the Pre-Raphaelites. But these saints and sinners are hardly a throwback. Yepes' painting has a visual density and suggestiveness that is as
tantalizing to the intellect as it is arresting for the eye".

The Guide to over 450 Los Angeles Art Galleries and Museums

"But for those wary of celebrity endorsement, remember this: Even if the [Chicano Visions] exhibit is not a definitive collection of the genre, it presents works rarely seen in Texas, like those of L.A. Hotshot George Yepes. That alone makes this show worth seeing".


"Yepes was a child when he first encountered his muse in the form of a statue of 'La Virgen Dolorosa' at the Catholic church his family attended in East Los Angeles. Carved out of wood, the Madonna with a heart skewered by daggers looked exquisitely lovely in her anguish to the 4-year-old boy kneeling before her."

Elda Silva, Staff Writer
San Antonio Express News
San Antonio, Texas

Axis Bold as Love
Museum of Contemporary Art San Diego

"On the opposing side of the spectrum, however, sits the serenely beautiful portraits of George Yepes. Yepes' "Axis Bold as Love," reminiscent of Gustav Klimt's "Dane," is a prime example of his art nouveau-inspired strokes and brilliant color in his delicately sensuous portrayals of women, a popular theme in Nouveau."

Sarah Wilkins, Senior Staff Writer

'Axis Bold as Love' is a major addition to Yepes' cult of the Madonna. This is Yepes' re-imagination of the sacred at its best, for which he is studied by scholars. Yepes describes this as a portrait of his 'Axis Mundi' - Courtney Reid - the Center of the Cosmos. Named after the Jimi Hendrix song to which Yepes painted this piece, the image is derived from Yepes' earliest impression of the beauty, Our Lady of Soledad de East Los Angeles. La Soledad is the Madonna after the burial of Christ. She is alone, in nature (the wild), in a storm (from within) of agony and ecstasy, before the Resurrection (in the threshold). Having come full circle, (from the nature goddess - to the idolatry of church - to the woman) this Madonna calls to mind the naturalistic Madonnas by Leonardo da Vinci 1452-1519 and Sandro Botticelli 1415-1510: close, human, mortal, yet divine.

"Like Jacopo Robusti Tintoretto (1518 - 1594, Venice, Italy), George Yepes has the ability to pull down from heaven the designs which God has for humans and paint them so people can discover through the paintings what they
are deaf to in words".

Dr. David Carrasco, Professor - Historian of Religions
Editor-in-Chief, Oxford Encyclopedia of Mesoamerican Cultures
Director, Moses Mesoamerican Archive and Research Project
Neil L. Rudenstine Professor of the Study of Latin America
Divinity School - Harvard University


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